UUCGN Annual Meeting, March 29, 2020

Start time 11:00 AM, by link sent in an email, following the YouTube Live broadcast
of the 10:00 AM worship service



Welcome to the first online UUCGN Annual Meeting, with subsequent online voting.  Be a part of UUCGN history!


This web page contains information about the logistics of the Annual Meeting as well as supplemental information as described in the table below.  At the end of the page is a list of links to supporting documents, including the agenda, budget, proposed bylaw changes, and reports from Finance, Stewardship, Endowment, the Minister, and the Board President.  Additional information may be added to the page up to the time of the meeting itself.


What will take place at the Annual Meeting?

The main business of the meeting is to describe the items that will be voted on and then to vote on them. The voting itself will be done using a simple SurveyMonkey ballot and will include voting options relating to the 2020-2021 budget, three proposed bylaw changes, and the slates for the Board of Trustees, Endowment Fund, and Nominating Committee.  All voting items will be moved and seconded by the few members present for the pre-recorded Annual Meeting​. A link to the survey will be provided to all members right after the Annual Meeting recording is made available, on Sunday, March 29, w020.


Reports from Stewardship, Endowment, the Minister, and the President are normally provided verbally, but this year they will be only written, linked to on this web page.


The importance of your vote

At the meeting, everyone will be encouraged to vote using the SurveyMonkey ballot to vote on these items.  This process is explained below.  Very important:  It is the action of voting on SurveyMonkey that will establish our needed quorum and determine whether the motions pass or not.  The survey will not be anonymous in the sense that we will have access to the IP addresses of those responding. 


For those individuals sharing a computer, all members will be able to vote separately. This will allow us to have a count of the number of voters and the outcome of each vote.  The survey will remain open until the Annual Meeting itself closes at 5:00 PM on Friday, April 3.


How will members ask questions or make comments prior to voting?

These two email addresses will be monitored starting right after the meeting, and follow-up will be provided through the course of the next several days:


For questions or comments relating to the budget, contact treasurer@uunaples.org.


For questions or comments relating to the bylaw amendments and slates of Board of Trustees and Endowment Fund and Nominating Committees, or any general questions, contact annual-meeting2020@uunaples.org.


What is the mechanism of voting?

Voting will take place using the link to SurveyMonkey that will have been sent out by the office to all members, shortly after the Annual Meeting concludes.

For those without email, paper ballots were sent out via the U.S. Postal Service and should already have been received.

Results from the SurveyMonkey ballot will establish the outcomes of the votes on the budget, bylaw amendments, and various slates.

The voting will close on Friday evening, April 3, at 5:00 PM.

Update as of April 4, 2020

Details on the meeting held via Zoom to officially adjourn the Annual Meeting will be added after its conclusion. In the meantime, here is the link to the report, titled Survey Results for Motions Made at UUCGN Annual Meeting, 2020.

Agenda for the UUCGN Annual Meeting
with links to supporting documents and other important notes


Board of Trustees candidates:

President (1-year term)                        Bill McCormick

Vice President (1-year term)                Bobbi Berglund

Secretary (1st of a 2-year term)           Chris Cowan 

Vice President of Finance
        (2nd of a 2-year term)                   Susan Musick

Trustee (3rd of a 3-year term)             Jim Lancaster

Trustee (2nd of a 3-year term)             Kathie Gorski

Trustee (1st of a 3-year term)              Bill Nicholson


Endowment Board candidates:

John Goodlett               (1st of a 3-year term, repeating)

Adrianne Cady              (3rd of a 3-year term)

Ken Notturno                (2nd of a 3-year term)

Jane Graham                  (2nd of a 3-year term)

Bill Haubrich                  (1st of a 3-year term)


Nominating Committee candidates:  Frank Burgeson, Janet Hoffman, Brad Cornell

Links to supporting documents

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