2020 Vision Task Force


Our goal is to reach out to the congregation and together develop a vision that unites and engages the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN) in living the UUCGN mission, with recommendations for achieving that vision by 2020.   The 2020 Vision Task Force is expected to evolve into a Planning Committee that will continue to envision our future and develop plans for achieving it with the fundamental goal of living our UUCGN mission and values.

Why You Want to Volunteer


  • You are creative, forward thinking, enjoy collaboration, brainstorming and fostering the growth of ideas.

  • You enjoy people and are enthusiastic and optimistic, ready and willing to listen to a broad spectrum of thoughts and opinions with an open, engaged mind.

  • You see opportunities, where others see problems, find possibilities, where others see hurdles.

  • You are grounded in love, in our UU principles and shared mission.


What’s Going On



I. Beloved Community:  Create diverse opportunities for intellectual & spiritual growth with a broad appeal to all ages and backgrounds.

II. Outreach:  Be a voice of reason and a force for social justice within the community.

III. Environment:  Create an inviting, attractive, functional environment that will support our community and be in harmony with nature.

IV.  Infrastructure:  Define the framework and internal organizational structure that will finance, organize and administer the other 3 pillars.  This Pillar is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees either directly or through assignment to ad hoc committees. 

  • Representing goals expressed by the collective voices of UUCGN that might be undertaken over the new few years.

  • Preparing a Congregational Vision Workshop on March 1st when Rev. Kenn Hurto, Exec. Director UUA, will lead us in ways to realize our goals and aspirations.

  • Presenting the outcome of our deliberations and the visioning process of the congregation at the March 29th Annual Meeting.

  • Begin the next phase of planning:  A newly formed Planning Committee will work with the Board & standing Committees to launch initiatives and create measurable steps to achieve selected key goals over the next 2 to 3 years, assess progress, and continue to adapt to change and experience.