Pledging & Stewardship

We invite you to help bring our mission and vision to life and celebrate our community in worship, education, and outreach. Over 90% of our operating income derives from annual pledges made by members and friends.

Our annual pledge campaign takes place in January. The amount pledged forms the basis of our budget and determines the scope of our operations for the following year. New members who join mid-year may make a partial year pledge. To make a pledge, please contact UUCGN administrator, Anna Riazi at 239-455-6553 or office@

Our staff, our worship space, our outreach programs, and our continued growth as a Unitarian Universalist community depend on our financial resources, which can only come from all of us. It is critically important that we also maintain and, where possible, expand our support for church operations so we can sustain and grow the work we are already doing.