Alternative Saturday Services


During season, UUCGN adds a Saturday afternoon service. They typically began in mid-January and continue until some time in April.


As a reminder, the Saturday afternoon program has two distinct parts. You can attend one or the other or both parts! 


We’ll begin in the sanctuary with a contemplative time of silent and guided meditation beginning at 4:00 pm. This part of the program will run until 4:20 or 4:25 and then we’ll move pretty quickly to allow others to enter and start the second and main part of the Saturday service at 4:30. On each Saturday we’ll enjoy live music from a variety of genres. We’re very excited that our new Music Director, Peter Fancovic, will join us for a number of our services this year.

Here’s the timeline and details:


3:45 pm – Doors open for quiet contemplation in the sanctuary (childcare available)


4:00 – Sanctuary doors close until 4:20; meditation time continues
(This time will feature contemplative music as well as silent and guided meditation, often tied in some way to the theme of the main service)


4:20 – Sanctuary doors open for others to quietly join for the service


4:30 – Saturday Alternative Service

This streamlined service begins with music and chalice lighting. The topic, which will be the same as on Sunday but presented in a different format, with accompanying stories and readings blended in, will be split in two parts with a time for music and the offering coming in the middle. (We will save most hymn singing and the open expression of joys and sorrows for Sunday mornings.) Following a final musical selection, there will be a time for the congregation to reflect on the message.

5:20 (or so) – Service and conversation ends – a time for hospitality/socializing follows.