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Book Buddy tutors are volunteers who each have a strong interest in academic accomplishment and are themselves self-motivated top educational achievers from local high schools. They also serve as fine role models for youngsters in elementary and middle schools who seek to improve their reading proficiencies. BookBuddiesOnLine tutors will earn Community Service Hours as part of their requirements for high school graduation.

Each Tutor must: 

  • Be a student in good standing at a local public or private high school.​

  • Be a Sophomore. Junior or Senior​

  • Complete a BBOL application form

  • Demonstrate high academic achievement.

  • Have a local public library card.

  • Have access to a Zoom meeting account.

  • Be committed.


Request additional information by contacting Dr. Bill McCormick, DIRECTOR at (978)828-2041 or








"The Greatest Gift is a Love for Reading" --Elizabeth Hardwick

We believe that a Book Buddy who inspires a child to love to read gives a gift for life.

By working together over time, parents, students, and the BBOL tutor form an effective educational partnership.


Students Teaching Students







Read to Succeed

FREE online reading practice for Elementary Schools Students with High School Book Buddies


What is BookBuddiesOnLine?

BookBuddiesOnLine provides a FREE, convenient way for parents to encourage their children to develop a love of reading with a local high school Book Buddy tutor. Parents contact the Book Buddy to schedule reading practice sessions OnLine that may last for 30 minutes to one hour. Children practice reading at home OnLine under the supervision of parents with tutoring by enthusiastic high school tutors. An educational partnership is established as the student improves his or her reading proficiency and comprehension.

Who should sign up for BookBuddiesOnLine?

If you are a parent who wishes to improve the reading ability of your child in elementary or middle school, you will find the BookBuddiesOnLine is right for you. Our carefully selected high school tutors of high academic achievement on good character will encourage your child to read in a fun educational setting in the convenience of your own home when it is convenient for your schedule. Parents are encouraged to oversee the OnLine tutoring sessions and to monitor the improvement of your child’s reading skills.  Parent, Book Buddy tutor and child form and educational partnership aimed at improving the outcome of your child’s educational journey.

If your child is struggling with reading or just wishes to expand his/her reading proficiency in a fun instructional setting with an enthusiastic tutor, BookBuddiesOnLine is right for you. You can arrange for our high school tutors, with excellent academic records and fine character, to encourage your child to read. Our BBOL tutors also serve as academic role models for the younger students as they advance in their educational journeys.

Parents Sign up for BookBuddiesOnLine Tutors

Step by Step:  Scroll down to fill out the application online. Click Here to View/Print Application.


  • Parents of elementary and middle school students must complete and return an application form. All information in the application is confidential.

  • Following acceptance of the completed application form, parents will then be contacted by a Book Buddy who will meet the parents and student to be tutored on line.

  • Parents must install the free Zoom app on their home computer.

  • Parents and Tutor schedule online tutorial reading sessions and agree on what level of reading is appropriate for the student.

  • Tutor and parents use the Zoom meeting platform. Book Buddy Tutor and student work together for 30 minutes to an hour as the student reads to the Tutor.

  • BookBuddiesOnLine suggests that reading sessions be scheduled once a week and recorded on Zoom to measure reading progress and qualify for the Tutor’s community service hours.

To obtain a copy of the BBOL Tutor Application for, please email your request to Emerson  Make sure to include: your name. mailing address, and cell phone number.   An BBOL Tutor Application form and return envelop will be promptly sent to you.  You may also:

(a) Please download a copy of the application by clicking here and follow the instructions to fill it out by hand.  

(b)  Please return it to as a pdf or image copy

(c)  Mail the original completed application to: Emerson Academy@UUCGN, 6340 Napa Woods Way, Naples, FL.  34116."


Our Mission: Reading instruction for Students by Students to inspire the love of reading for the children of Collier and Lee Counties of South West Florida.


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UUCGN’s mission is to strive to create a larger community of peace, justice, and love.

BookBuddiesOnLine does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, gender identity, age, disability, or sexual orientation.

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BBOL is a literacy project of

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