Caring Committee


Reach out to members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN) who may be home-bound, in poor health, or in crisis and provide needed emotional support, a chance to talk, to get out for a walk, a hand to hold, most of all a reminder that they are not alone but an important member of a loving community of friends. The Committee coordinates caring activities with the Minister, and maintains communication with the congregation and friends on progress. 

Update for September 2019:

We are beginning to discuss the creation of a "village" concept within the congregation.  Lists of members who are interested in volunteering with service tasks such as driving/carpooling, helping with computer issues, making and delivering meals, or helping with minor home repairs would be compiled.  Members who have a need would call in or post a need, and then be matched with a volunteer who is available to assist for the one time task.


We'll be looking to leverage the new and improved Congregation data management software have the ability to send a text message to volunteers all at once in a geographic-based pool when a need arises.

We have a date planned for the holiday cookie decorating with Religious Exploration children in December.

Why You Want to Volunteer


  • Lend a helping hand to someone in need.

  • Help the homebound with rides to medical appointments or church, physical therapy.

  • Provide meals on a temporary basis as needed, holiday packages.

  • Coordinate sending cards, and announcements to keep the members and friends abreast of improvements and needs.

  • Give your time to read or listen, or just share a moment together.

  • Make a positive difference in someone’s life in their moment of need with your personal warmth and compassion, dependability, non-judgmental attitude and respect for privacy.


What’s Going On


  • RE kids shared in the decorating and packaging of Christmas cookies in holiday tins that were distributed to homebound members in December.

  • Caring Committee members and RE students made get well cards to be sent as needed.

  • Work with the Minister to prepare an information guide to assist bereaved families in planning.

  • Plan presentations by professionals to develop empathy, listening skills, boundaries and confidentiality for Caring Committee members.