Welcome to the church of open minds, helping hands, and loving hearts. At the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN), we encourage each student to search for truth and meaning in life. We do this through a combination of active participation, subtle observation, and heartfelt celebration of life’s journey. We encourage all to ask questions and have Wow! moments on this journey.


Each child is encouraged to follow his or her own personal theological path. Our Youth Religious Exploration (YRE) program at UUCGN involves students in activities and lessons that explore our UU roots, build an understanding of UU Principles, learn about world religions, identify with our Jewish and Christian teachings, and emphasize the importance of peace and social action.

Our philosophy of teaching is that we are all teachers and learners together, children and adults alike. We plan activities and age-appropriate lessons to meet the needs of different learning styles and abilities.

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