Communications Committee                                                                       Cliff Welles, Chair

Our mission is to provide a strong foundation for the internal and public communications of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN), to use technology effectively to strengthen relations with the community, extend our outreach, and to enhance our connection with each other. Our goal is to coordinate, make our communications consistent and clear so that we can foster the growth of our UU values and mission, and our interconnection with each other and the larger community.

News for October 2019:

The recent Communications Survey was deemed successful with 183 responses; good data (results available in Members' section).   We hope to continue use of data as we revise our approach to congregational outreach in all areas — newsletters, weekly information, website, and media.  We look forward to working with Program Council and committees, especially with Membership when they reconvene this month.

We are moving forward on potential grant for communications, which will allow us to move forward with aggressive plans.   A subcommittee has extended a Request for Proposal to 5-6 qualified consultants in the non-profit area regarding communications (internal/external), structure, staffing, and organization to help us deal with growth and changes in technology in a two-year pilot program.  Phone interviews are underway.  Social media activity has been building (cost free), spreading the good word about UUCGN on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


Next meeting is on Thursday, October 10 at 7:00 PM (also on ZOOM).

Why You Want to Volunteer


  • Evaluate audio/visual capabilities and support our growing A/V needs for online streaming of services, including enhancing service streaming to Thomas Hall to accommodate growth and to optimize this space for additional uses that benefit the congregation and other uses.

  • Share your experience and knowledge of website management, content management etc. to strengthen our communication capabilities.

  • Share your communications skills, policy making and legal and data security knowledge.

  • Share your copywriting and editing skills to prepare newsletters, website blogs and more.

  • Be part of the growing UUCGN’s place in the Social Media world — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, podcasts and more.


What’s Going On


  • Preparing a Communications Manual including policies on privacy, media exposure, emails and e-blasts, public relations, technology job descriptions, and managing and coordinating communications.

  • Reviewing UUCGN publications with a view to consistency and relevance and update.

  • Updating UUCGN’s public relations strategy, recommend ways to make it more effective and more inclusive of committees, programs, and ministry needs.

  • Reviewing archives and archival organization to enhance organization and availability when needed.

  • Integrating Membership Data:  content, organization and security, including photo and video archives, privacy and permissions.