Creating Our Future 2025


Our Mission

In January 2014, approximately 90 members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN), including 14 facilitators, participated in workshops led by an external consultant.  The workshops were part of a process developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) called “Searching for the Future.” A draft strategic plan was created; the plan was not fully implemented, but many goals were accomplished.

In 2018, the Board of Trustees selected an ad hoc Long-Range Planning Team to convene and finish the work started in 2014.  The team reviewed the 2014 plan and updated the plan to align all current committee goals to the 4 pillars.  For the first time, we can view all the principles and goals UUCGN is committed to in one document.  It is a living document owned by all members and shows how we intend to live the mission of the Congregation.  

As we continue to add new members, offer more programming, and become more involved in the community, we find we are straining the resources of our staff, facilities, finances, and lay leadership and volunteers.  How shall we respond to these challenges?  To answer that question, we held a two-day workshop called "Creating Our Future 2025 Summit" on Tuesday and Wednesday, January 22-23, to discuss our future, build our plans, and design our future.   


“We are a welcoming congregation freely seeking intellectual and spiritual growth. 

We strive to create a larger community of peace, justice and love.”

Our 2025 Vision


Our work isn’t done!  The Creating Our Future 2025 Vision Task Force is now a permanent committee and is currently at work planning our long-range vision for 2025.  The Task Force will do this through a series of events planned in January through April of 2019, including focus groups all designed to help answer the question:  What should UUCGN look like in 2025?  This plan will be assessed and re-defined annually to give purpose to our existence as a beloved community and create a legacy of UUCGN.

The Board of Trustees is responsible for implementing the mission and vision described in the plan.

The first two pillars of our Creating Our Future 2025 Vision call for us to work towards specific programmatic ends that should be entrusted to our Program Council and the standing committees.  Their responsibility will be to determine the timetable and the means needed to meet those ends and report progress on measurable intermediate goals and action items.  The lists linked below are not necessarily exhaustive.  Committees are invited to imagine other possibilities that will further fulfill the vision.

Pillar 1:  Our Beloved Community

In 2025, we are a beloved community offering diverse opportunities for intellectual and spiritual growth with broad appeal to different ages and backgrounds.  


We will know we are a beloved community when . . . 

Pillar 2:  Outreach

In 2025, we serve as a beacon in the community as a voice of reason and as a force for social justice to nurture spirit, hope, love, and action for a better world.

We reach inside and beyond the walls of our congregation and partner with others to raise awareness and form common cause to fight injustice, intolerance, and inequality.

We will know that we are achieving our Outreach goals when . . .


Pillar 3:  Physical Environment

The third pillar of our 2025 Vision serves the first two pillars by responding to requests that come through the Program Council for suggested changes to our buildings, gardens, and grounds that are approved by the Board.  These include additional Board of Trustees initiatives or opportunities that are focused on fostering the full vision.

In 2025, we have a welcoming campus that supports our beloved community, existing in harmony with nature. 


We will know that we have a welcoming campus existing in harmony with nature when . . . 


Pillar 4:  Community Structure

The fourth pillar of our Strategic Plan defines the framework and internal organizational structure that will finance, organize and administer the other 3 pillars.  This Pillar is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees either directly or through assignment to ad hoc committees.

In 2025, we will have supported our Long-Range Vision by moving towards financial stability, solidifying our organizational integrity, supporting and bolstering our staff, fostering excellence and participation in leadership, and improving our internal and external communications.

We will know that we have improved our community structure when . . .