Criminal Justice Reform Initiative

The United States has less than 4.3% of the world’s population, and fully 25% of the world’s prisoners. In 1993, the US had 300,000 people in prison; today we have 2,300,000 in prison, including 465,000 who are held in local jails awaiting trial*.  It's a crime!  We are wasting unnecessary tax dollars to put minor offenders behind bars when that money could be used for so many truly constructive purposes:  education, infrastructure, health care, drug and crime prevention, environmental action, affordable housing, veterans' care, medical research, etc. 

Criminal Justice Reform Forum was held March 5, 2019. 

A podcast of the evening's panel discussion will be posted in the Archives soon.

Come and discover how you can be a contributing part of the  criminal justice reform movement which is beginning to sweep America. This is an exciting and dynamic forum of great importance.  To get involved, send an email to  This program was jointly sponsored by our UUCGN congregation and the NAACP. 

Prison Policy Initiative, a non-profit, non-partisan organization founded in 2001 to expose the broader harm of mass criminalization and spark advocacy campaigns to create a more just society. 


Our criminal justice reform program is aimed both at our membership and the general public.  Our stated mission is to increase public awareness of the serious need for criminal justice reform, and to encourage people to spread the word and to get involved with specific activist efforts on the part of other organizations like the NAACP, the Prison Policy Initiative, and the League of Women Voters.