Finance Committee


The Finance Committee’s responsibilities have been established in the bylaws. Its role is administering the congregation’s financial affairs, with the exception of the Endowment Fund, and preparing an annual budget proposal to be considered and acted upon by the Board of Trustees. The Treasurer is the Chair of this Committee and all members of the Committee are appointed by the President of the Congregation with the consent of the Board of Trustees. 


Why You Want to Volunteer
  • Bring significant experience in finance and accounting to help strengthen the congregation’s financial capability, expense management and cash flow.

  • Work with Committees to review needs and assist in budgeting and expense control as needed.

  • Evaluate financial investments, revenue sources, cash flows and income generation to ensure fiduciary responsibilities are being met.

  • Review the costs of new initiatives, capital improvements to evaluate funding requirements.

  • Oversee expense accounting and budget adherence.

  • Review adequacy of reserves and revenues for current and expected expenses.


What’s Going On
  • Meet monthly to review financial statements and any contemplated financial matters of the congregation. Topics include pledge and other income, expenses, stewardship, budgets and fundraising.