Gardens & Grounds Committee 


Our purpose is to maintain the gardens and grounds as an extension of the Unitarian Universalist (UU) Sanctuary, offering the community and visitors a backdrop of contemplation, and a reminder of the awe and wonder of the natural world. We are dedicated to maintaining its health, conserving its environmental soundness and improving its use for the pleasure of the congregation, friends and visitors as a place where we find our spirits lifted, memorial services heartfelt, and celebrations both festive and joyful. 


Why You Want to Volunteer


  • Learn about gardening in South Florida, native plants, maintenance requirements and activities.

  • Become involved in sponsoring garden enhancements and new designs to continue to improve and delight.

  • Share in the work of weeding, planting, mulching, and for those trained irrigation maintenance and pruning.

  • Help in the planning the grounds to facility growth, parking capacity, pleasure in use.

  • Keep the garden free of exotics.

What’s Going On


  • Establishing a Maintenance Plan for the timing and type of maintenance activities that need to be performed regularly to ensure the continued vibrancy and health of the garden and grounds.

  • Plan and design new garden beds for the front of the building and surrounding landscape.

  • Prepare a list of plants and trees, and design ideas for donors who want to make memorial or other special honorarium to support.

  • Established a sub-committee to plan special events in the garden to increase the pleasure and benefit to the congregation and raise funds.

  • Develop a Training Program for weed identification, proper pruning practices, special horticultural techniques for orchid hanging and care, etc.

  • Develop programs for Youth Religious Education (YRE) students to learn more about the garden and take part in its care.

  • Plan and install a trail and pocket gardens of wild flowers and seating from parking to Sanctuary.

  • Review existing maintenance and lawn care contracts to oversee work and evaluate costs/benefits and allocation of professional versus volunteer resources.

  • Evaluate viability of plans to cultivate, extend trails for maintainability going forward.