Help the Church Raise Money by Shopping Through Amazon All Year Long!


Through a partnership program with Amazon, you can help the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN) receive a commission on everything you buy.  It's easy to get started, and doesn't impact your shopping experience or violate your privacy in any way.  Read on to learn about two ways to get involved. 


One-time Purchase

You or a friend or family member can make a one-time purchase through our Amazon partnership by simply clicking through to from each time you shop.  Click the Amazon banner at the bottom of the home page (or this page) and you'll be taken to, where you can make your purchases. You won't get any obvious indication that you're shopping for our cause, but rest assured, we'll get the commission. 


Repeat Shoppers

Have you supported UUCGN in the past by purchasing through Amazon?  Ever made a purchase and had that sinking feeling that you forgot to click through UUCGN's Amazon banner?  Fret no more!  For the regular Amazon shopper, we urge you to try out one of these new tools.  These web browser add-ons ensure that whenever you're shopping at Amazon on your computer, the church will receive a commission.  Currently we support two popular web browsers, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.  Instructions for each are below:


Mozilla Firefox

Within Firefox, install the UUCGN-Amazon Partnership add-on by clicking here.  Firefox will display a message urging you to "Install add-ons only from authors whom you trust" and list the UUCGN add-on below.  Click the "Install Now" button, and you will be notified that the add-on will be available once you restart Firefox.  Click "Restart Now", and once Firefox restarts, you're ready to go.  Now whenever you shop on Amazon, UUCGN will receive a commission for everything you buy.


Google Chrome

Within Chrome, install the Charity Through Amazon plugin by clicking here. Click "Add to Chrome" in the upper right of the description page that is shown.  A window will be displayed asking you to confirm adding the extension. Click "Add."  The extension will then be downloaded and installed.  You'll see a balloon displayed in the upper right of your browser confirming that it was installed.  Now, go to and visit any product page.  A red page titled "Give with Amazon" will appear asking you to update your charity affiliate tag.  In the text box, replace the text "no-tag-saved-yet" with "unitunivchu0d-20" (without the quotes) and click "Save."  Close the "Give with Amazon" window and your previous Amazon window, then open a new window to  Go to any product page and you'll see an indication in bright red text: 


(shopping for the affiliate: "u0ce-20")


Now whenever you shop on Amazon, UUCGN will receive a commission for everything you buy.


Thank you for supporting our fundraising efforts!