Leadership Committee


Promote congregational participation and deepening engagement in defining our mission and realizing our goals within the congregation and within the greater community around us. Make the work of the congregation, its sustenance and growth of our ideals an active, shared goal. Encourage wide participation in the congregation’s work and foster representative, open and democratic processes for selecting candidates and sharing responsibility. 

Why You Want to Volunteer


  • Widen participation, diversity and representativeness of congregational leadership.

  • Identify major leadership challenges for the congregation and assist in raising awareness and addressing them.

  • Promote organizational systems and behaviors that strengthen leadership in achieving long-range direction with organization.


What’s Going On


  • Sponsor Share the Ministry Fair for Committees and members to meet and realize the many volunteer opportunities available.

    • Define structure, Board and Committee roles clearly and simply for membership.

    • Advertise and promote nomination process for Board of Trustees.

    • Promote participation and matching of talent and interests with opportunities.

  • Raise awareness of the nominating process, and help to broaden the selection of new leaders.

  • Promote seasonal member participation:

    • Organize a program for canvassing seasonal population on a regular basis, finding out their interests and matching them up to volunteer opportunities and committees.

    • Work with Nominating and other Committees to overcome barriers to participation.

  • Establish a Leadership Mentoring group of elders and others within the congregation who have taken leadership responsibility and are willing to counsel and advise new leaders.

  • Celebrate congregation’s volunteers and reinforce vitality of congregational participation.

  • Reach out to congregation to engage and expand participation. Workshops, surveys and other methods to connect their interest with committee task and volunteer needs.

  • Identify congregation leadership challenges and help address, e.g., accommodating and planning for growth.