1.2     Model a personalized approach to new members.

1.2.1      Create a “new member” subcommittee focused on how to make new members feel welcome and become

               integrated into the Congregation.

1.2.2      Collaborate with Membership to enrich the current “members and friends” database with demographic

               and personalized info containing profiles of new and existing church members so we know of their backgrounds,

               interests, family/household constellation, skill sets, carpool zone, etc. 

               Use permission-based access to share that information with others in the congregation where authorized.

1.2.3      Partner existing members with new members with follow up on a monthly basis.

1.2.4      Offer a “Finding your Purpose” workshop hosted once a year whose purpose is to introduce new members

               to key members of the congregation such as Ann Fisher and help participants find their way in retirement.

1.2.5      Establish annual “Volunteer Recognition Day” that honors outgoing chairs and committee members and

              also publicizes and promotes new committee needs and terms starting May 1st​.