1.3     We celebrate an expanded and diverse music program for

           all ages built on the excellent foundation we enjoy today.

1.3.1      Incorporate a variety of musical styles to enhance all worship experiences.

1.3.2      Expand the choir library with new pieces that demonstrate different musical styles.

1.3.3      Contribute to our goal of diverse musical offering by recruiting a minimum of 2 new volunteers for the

               committee by May 2018 that have differing experiences and backgrounds.

1.3.4      Increase UUCGN visibility in and outreach to our Naples community by having our Adult Choir participate

               in community performances at least once during 2018-19 such as Interfaith Thanksgiving Service.

1.3.5      Arrange for small vocal or instrumental ensemble performances for homebound congregants two or more

               times per season.

1.3.6      Plan and promote intergenerational musical experiences for our congregation.

1.3.7      Present combined adult and youth choir pieces during worship service at least twice per year.

1.3.8      Plan musical “social gatherings” with the Social Activities Committee for congregational participation such

               as a drum circle, hymn sings, or songs around campfire at least twice per season.

1.3.9      Update choir/music happenings on social media monthly.

1.3.10   Generate 1-2 surveys to the congregation after a musical offering during service or special music event. 

              Evaluate feedback and incorporate into future music program plans.

1.3.11   Develop ways to expand music into the area of pastoral care, including outreach to the community,

              e.g., care facilities.  Identify congregants who would be willing to engage this way.

1.3.12   Hold an annual “Music Sunday” – congregants who work with the Music Director to offer a themed service

              of essentially only music (where congregants themselves perform (vocalists and instrumentalists both).