1.4     We provide our youth with a rich and vibrant education

           program that enables a free and responsible search for

           truth and meaning.

1.4.1      Hire a full-time professional Director of Religious Exploration and Community Engagement (DRECE) to create

               and manage the Lifespan Religious Education (RE) program, supervised by the Minister.

1.4.2      Recruit and train and adequate numbers of volunteer Lifespan RE teachers.

1.4.3      Provide engaging and appealing curricula that moves youth out of the traditional classroom setting and

               into participatory and field‐based activities that promote discovery, self-worth, gratification, and fulfillment.

1.4.4      Increase our full congregational participation in the Lifespan RE Program, including growth of membership

              and attendance.

1.4.5      Develop a youth group and teen group led by trained youth and teen group leaders that attracts a critical

               mass of participation in broad ranging activities and service.

1.4.6      Provide excellence in young adult religious exploration opportunities both at our church and through other

               vehicles and venues.

1.4.7      Provide excellence in family programming.  Include a strong social element among families participating

              in youth religious education, to include camping, birthday dinners, art, movies, and other events.