1.5         We offer adult enrichment opportunities that

               provoke the mind, enrich the soul, and foster

               community, and become known in the Greater Naples

               area as a place of learning and personal development

               in the liberal spirit.  These programs will address the

               interests of a diverse adult age span and will reflect

               our UU values. 

1.5.1      Integrate both adult and youth Religious Exploration (RE) programming into one Lifespan RE program     

               which aims to meet the religious education needs of the entire congregation.

1.5.2      Evaluate the Chalice Circle small group gathering program by conducting a participant survey by May 2018. 

               If feedback is positive, create a schedule for the new year and secure new facilitators.

1.5.4      Develop comprehensive Adult Enrichment programming for 2018-19, based on the key areas of interest from

               initial survey:  Religion, Intellectual Encounters, Faith in Action, Communities of Care, Support and Concern,

               Spiritual/Movement experiences, and Personal/Creative Growth.

1.5.5      Consciously appeal to all demographics in our congregation including working people, parents, those who are

               homebound or with limited mobility, those who are not comfortable driving at night, and seasonal members.

               This will include providing childcare, when necessary.

1.5.6      Collaborate with Communication and Technology committee to offer live, interactive webinars and

               Facebook live events; Zoom Chalice Circles; and live or recorded UUCGN presentations including Odyssey,

               Forums, and Progressive Voices.

1.5.7      Host events that would appeal to a wide cross section of Naples residents, such as musical concerts or recitals,

               improv/comedy, coffeehouse/open mike night, parenting seminar, marriage retreat, and Blue Zones or other

               health-related workshops.

1.5.8      Support and nurture non-UU participation in our programs.

1.5.9      Work with the Communications and Technology committee to increase visibility of Adult Enrichment in the

               greater Naples community.

Long Range Goals (2020):  Create a “Faith Forward” program based on other UU programs that will provide a path to become familiar with UU principles, allow members to become better integrated into the community, and provide a path to leadership.  Collaborate with Membership and Leadership in this endeavor.