1.6         As part of our beloved community, ensure that the

               practical activities of daily living of all members

               from busy families to aged and infirm members

               are thoughtfully considered to make life better and

               encourage fellowship and better participation

               in activities. 

1.6.1      Develop ride-sharing strategies by creating a “Know your Neighbor” program to facilitate carpooling

              of members in same zip code/neighborhood, increase opportunities to build relationships within the

              congregation, improve our carbon footprint, and especially to offer rides to members with mobility

              limitations or who are not comfortable with night driving. 

1.6.2      Consider having multiple “First Fridays or Saturdays” and Circle Dinner social get togethers,

               by carpool zone, specifically inviting new members.  This will alleviate current problem of needing

               homes large enough to host and have neighborhood parking for a single event for the entire congregation.

1.6.3      Develop of network of volunteer service providers, e.g., handymen or women, computer repair, housework,

               gardening, errand and airport drivers, who will do work for other members and friends on free or

               reduced-charge basis, or in exchange for a donation to UUCGN.

1.6.4      Create a services-themed fund-raising event for the Oct./Nov. timeframe that would focus on providing a

               variety of services, meals, and activities.  Include items which potentially are pre-set priced (no bid up)

               to make the services more broadly affordable.