1.9         We acknowledge and appreciate the unique challenges

               of being a “seasonal” congregation.

1.9.1      We identify who are seasonal members and friends/visitors within our database.

1.9.2      Our social committees try to engage seasonal members specifically in activities during the time

               period to help them meet existing members.

1.9.3      Our committee heads reach out and ask members to be part of committee life during season.

1.9.4      Our “Creating our Future 2025” committee will continue to work to explore the best options for

               handling seasonal growth.  This includes options for Sunday service, as well as including seasonal

              members input into the 2025 vision for UUCGN.

1.9.5      We will have mainstreamed an annual “Best UU Practices” lunch with the minister,

               the Board, and all committee heads.  Its purpose would be to meet with all seasonal

               UU members and friends who attend other UU congregations and share best practices,

               with the hopes of the Board evaluating and adopting new ideas.