2.1         We are hosting programs that educate both

               our own beloved community and the wider community

               on issues of social justice.  

2.1.1      Create a Cross-Cultural Social Justice Wednesdays dinner & discussion.

2.1.2      Continue Monthly Sandwich and Justice film series.

2.2.3      Host speakers and/or workshops on interfaith marriage and trans-racial or LGBT adoption.

2.1.4      Identify cross-functional initiatives which address multiple social justice subcommittee focus areas at once,

               e.g., explore opportunities for supporting LGBTQ political asylees that incorporates immigration,

               racial justice, and LGBTQI areas of interest.

2.1.5      Develop opportunities for children and youth to learn about issues and how they relate to our UU values.


2.1.6      Innovate ways to build better bridges to under-served communities.


2.1.7      Build an immigration application volunteer network.

2.1.8      Increase awareness and participation in UUA, UUSC, UUCSJ, and UU Justice Florida initiatives and events.

2.1.9      Introduce a program on Sex, Pornography, & Human Trafficking education geared to RE teens.