2.2         We have gained visibility in the outside community

               through continued participation and presence

               in civic events.   


2.2.1      Expand science mentoring at Golden Gate High School.

2.2.2      Expand food security programs for youths and seniors.

2.2.3      Increase the span of Women’s Health Justice.

2.2.4      Coordinate one or more Gay Pride worship services, participate in Naples Pride Picnic, and

               publicize community LGBTQ social activities.

2.2.5      Implement Charity Auction Partner grant process.

2.2.6      Coordinate participation in MLK Day Parade each January on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day.

2.2.7      Promote UUCGN participation in community marches, rallies and demonstrations associated with

               progressive causes such as gun safety, immigration, women’s rights, and voter registration. 

               Include coordination of ride sharing, sign making, and publicity.