2.5        We have identified a charitable cause that can

              help unify and unite the congregation through

              volunteer opportunity.

2.5.1      Create a grant-awarding process for our 3-year partnership opportunity to select a new organization

               to partner with for charity auction dinner that supports engagement with the entire congregation,

               including children and youth.

2.5.2      Create an inter-generational team to hold two to three events in the fall leading up to November 2018

               elections on topics on the ballot or of general interest, e.g., gun safety and restoration of felon voter rights.

2.5.3      Establish and support social justice field trip and service opportunities for all ages of UUCGN members

               and friends.

Long Term (2020 and beyond): 

Create an ad hoc committee to study opportunity for increasing young adult and young family participation at UUCGN.