2.6         We support the 7th UU principle of the

               interdependent web of existence of which

               we are all a part and seek to educate and incorporate

               these practices into our congregation and

               wider community. 


2.6.1      Through our Green Sanctuary program, promote actions both internal to the congregation and

               outside our walls that model proactive stewardship of the earth.

2.6.2      Monitor and apply for appropriate grants with the support of UU Justice for FLA Climate Resilience Ministry.

2.6.3      Provide multi-week small group seminar (Northwest Earth Institute's Choices for Sustainable Living).

2.6.4      Promote Citizens' Climate Lobby within UUCGN as main source of local activism.

2.6.5      Plan and implement field trip to Big Cypress Basin to learn about flood control and water quality.

2.6.6      Plan and implement an “Awakening the Dreamer” educational program.

2.6.7      Promote outside lecture opportunities such as FGCU’s Center for Environmental and Sustainability Education 

               (CESE) Rachel Carson lecture series held every spring.


Long Term Green Sanctuary Goals (2020): 

  • Implement solar panels and greater use of renewables.

  • Sponsor workshops and mini-field trips to increase awareness of climate and environmental issues. 

  • Create an environmental summer camp for middle and high school students.