3.2         We have increased the safety and utilization

               of our property while maintaining natural areas. 


3.2.1      Complete near-term upgrade of facilities, including:

  • Sanctuary and Pavilion Hearing Loop System, allowing people with technology enabled hearing aids to receive a wireless signal broadcast from the existing AV system and deliver that signal through their personal hearing aid device to enhance their ability to enjoy clear audio of the service and music.

  • Parking Lot – Repair areas where tree roots have caused upheaval; resurface and re-stripe parking lot.

  • Additional Parking – Develop area immediately North of existing gravel lot. Includes passage way between lots and additional lighting if needed.

  • Paver Walkway – Replace concrete stepping stones in circle West of Thomas Hall with pavers similar to path from new parking lot to front of church.

  • Street Lighting – Provide lighting along street leading to church, preferably solar-powered LEDs.

  • Work with RE program's plans for possible fire pit, patio and "private place".