3.3         We have a permanent committee that continues

               to evaluate the congregational needs

               for our physical environment.


3.3.1      Create a new 2025 Task Force committee to evaluate new Sunday service options and continue to

               evaluate best options for the future.

3.3.2      Create a subcommittee of the Task Force to evaluate three growth options

               1) Expand sanctuary or Thomas Hall,

               2) Buy alternate real estate,

               3) Do a church plant in a different location

3.3.3      Create a subcommittee within the Task Force to envision the future and detail out vision for 2025,

               plus the roadmap to get there.

3.3.4      Coordinate with Board, Finance and Stewardship to report out on findings.

3.3.5      Write final version of long range plan by April 2019.

Longer Term: (2020-2022)

  • Kitchen Remodel – Requires needs assessment and usage planning along with physical evaluation of feasibility of construction.

  • Foyer Expansion – Enclose the front walkway and extend the foyer toward front of church.  Provide covered driveway area.

Longer Term: (2020-2022):  Long Range Facility Concept Site Planning

Develop a long-range concept site plan drawing defining how the facility and site can be developed to accommodate the aggregate needs of a growing congregation, including appropriate sanctuary capacity, optimized flow for pedestrian movement, adequate and convenient parking.  Study would also include evaluation of current septic system and determination of requirement to connect to county sewer system.


Longest Range (2022-2025):  Major Facility Expansion


Based on the results of the Facility Concept Site Planning, finalize a design and begin construction of new Sanctuary and affiliated building changes.  The existing sanctuary space could be considered for other purposes including facilitating flow in and out of the new sanctuary.   An important consideration is the ultimate size of the congregation to be served at this site.