3.4         We are a model of Earth Stewardship.

3.4.1      Renew our Green Sanctuary status with the UUA.

3.4.2      Renewable Energy  Present revised and updated solar proposal to Board for approval and funding.  Evaluate and install renewable energy sources to reduce our carbon footprint.


3.4.3      Sustainability  Develop sustainable building and garden maintenance practices including the purchase and

              use of environmentally safe materials.  Implement congregation-wide conservation practices, including technology for virtual meetings.  Be proactive in incorporating environmental sustainability assessments in our building and grounds

              decision-making and practices.


Long Term: 2019-2020

  • Promote League of Women Voters-Collier County FL Sun Campaign (Solar Co-ops).

  • Partner with Blue Zones to develop community garden or food forest – exploration would include a field trip to FGCU food forest, UU of Ft. Meyer’s community garden, and Golden Gate community garden.

  • Create an organic garden that will be planted and maintained intergenerationally between youth, Garden, Blue Zones, and Green Sanctuary committees and volunteers.

  • Partner with Blue Zones by Hospitality on promoting a plant-rich diet.

  • Communicate sustainable living ideas through monthly newsletter and Facebook page, Instagram, Snap Chat and other modalities where our potential members live in social networks.

  • Consider adding one new path at back of garden.

  • Create a no-maintenance Desert Garden in middle of front parking lot.

  • Research installing solar hot water possibly as part of the solar electric installation, or as a follow-on project.

  • Follow on project to the solar panel implementation could be the addition of a battery backup system. The technology will probably be optimized in the next two to four years.