We have clarified our bylaws, policies, and procedures so that they best support the long-range mission and vision of the congregation.   We have created fair and consistent practices in support of right relations among and between staff and congregation.  


4.2.1      Policies and Practices.  Support the acceptance of a new congregational covenant of right relations.  Regularly review congregational documents to be sure they are aligned with the congregational

              mission, vision and covenant.  Create clear internal UUCGN policies and organizational chart for who is responsible for what

              communication, job, or activity and train committee heads and wider church on policy.

4.2.2      Professional Staff.  With the minister, ensure that staffing is adequate for all aspects of ministry.  Define staff roles and responsibilities and establish clear lines of management over office staff.  Create a Personnel Committee with responsibility to work with the Minister and staff to resolve

              issues that may arise among the people paid by the Congregation.

4.2.3      Lay Leadership.  Institute a “Vice Chair, Chair, and Past Chair” structure of committee leadership for succession

              planning purposes to facilitate transition phase for leaders in new positions.  Institute a plan of term limits for committee leadership to encourage diverse leadership on

              an on-going basis and reduce volunteer burn-out. 

4.2.4      Communications.  Publish to the Congregation an annual update of a facilities asset audit.  Implement a process for monitoring and measuring the strategic plan.  Publish to the Congregation

              an annual update and status report of the strategic plan.  Support and monitor moving the vision forward.  Have board members communicate top goals to congregation on a regular basis and give status updates.