4.4         COMMUNICATIONS.   

We have created clear communication structures and policies and implemented tools and technologies to expand our ability reach our members and friends and to promote our good news to the wider community.

4.4.1      COMMUNICATION POLICY.  Create, refine, and communicate clear policies for communications, publicity,

               social media, privacy and security based on UUA’s recommendations.

4.4.2      PEOPLE.  Create Media subcommittee within Communications & Technology that includes social media,

               print media, and radio media champions who have some professional experience or background in these fields.


4.4.3      MARKETING.


  • Create UUCGN logo, tagline and other branding so message is clear and consistent across media. 

  • Post content, create events, manage groups, and monitor analytics on the website, Facebook, and Instagram.

  • Use of state-of-the-art electronic and media and print to effectively promote our actions and principles with a consistent voice and recognizable branding.

  • Develop and publish reports of mentions in press and other non-UUCGN media.


4.4.4      CONTENT. 

  • Develop a strategy for ensuring relevant and current information is available across all platforms and media (print and online press, community news outlets, TV/radio, and social networks). 

  • Compile best practices to follow in order to create a consistent and effective web presence.

  • Collaborate with Minister/Worship Associates in order to post appropriate message/theme-specific content.

  • Understand how to use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other newer social media aimed to target millennials and younger audiences.

  • Create an on-line repository and archive of church-related documents.

  • Generate greater publicity for youth and family programs.

  • Create a directory link on our web and Facebook page for community and internal events, rallies, and marches.

  • Ensure online content is kept current across all platforms.


4.4.5      TECHNOLOGY AND TOOLS.  Identify technology and tools that enhance communication efforts

               both internally and externally.  Incorporate training on tools to the appropriate user base and a

               technology support model to ensure appropriate utilization of technology investment.

  • Evaluate other database packages to see if a web-based package with more features should replace Meminfo.

  • Continue training on ZOOM web conferencing so that by 2020 all committee heads and members are familiar with setting up and using this technology, and it is seamlessly used by remote parties.

  • Develop tools around social media metrics to measure success of current outreach to determine impact of social media efforts and whether social media advertising would have a measurable result.

  • Create and maintain a quality audiovisual system for broadcasting and/or podcasting worship services, programs, and events to wider internal/member and external communities. 

  • Provide training on setup, breakdown, and troubleshooting of internal AV equipment.

  • Ensure that all worship services are available for playback on the website.