4.1         STEWARDSHIP.

We have continually fostered a  culture of generosity in our giving such that the congregation is financially strong and that we contribute generously to organizations outside our walls that align with our values.  

4.1.1      Increase new membership by 50 members by April 2019.

4.1.2      Budget, Pledges, and Reserves  Develop a budget process that reflects and supports our strategic plan requirements.  Increase our median pledge contribution to $1,420 per pledge unit by April 2019.  Achieve $60K in total net new annual pledges by April 2019.  Increase our church reserves to $120,000 by April 2019.

4.1.3      Endowment Fund  Grow our Endowment to at least $400,000 by April 2019.  Increase the participation in the Endowment Circle by 50%.  Have Endowment Committee create a fair and open distribution process for decisions on how

              to disburse proceeds on an annual basis.

4.1.4      Start a Capital Campaign fund drive seeded with $80K from the Betty Shepard Gift.

4.1.5      Create an annual award for recognizing excellence in stewardship and generosity.