1.1  Quality Worship Service


We provide a quality worship service experience in the sanctuary for all who wish to attend.​

1.1.1      Provide alternative opportunities for worship (days, times, formats).

1.1.2      Stream services live or have them available on the website.

1.1.3      Provide a shared worship ministry by involving members and friends of all generations and interests

               in services.

1.1.4      Plan and implement a service to launch Climate Justice Month culminating in an Earth Day Service.

1.1.5      Plan and implement an intergenerational Earth Day service taking advantage of the Earth Day Resource

               package provided by UU Ministry of Earth.

1.1.6      Provide other formats for spiritual exploration (meditation groups, fellowship circles) to meet the needs of

               a growing and diverse population.

1.1.7      Offer programs (such as world religion voices or “Cakes for the Queen of Heaven”) or speaker series

               in the model of Progressive Voices to provide additional learning opportunities for people seeking more

               diverse spiritual expression.