Pillar 2:  Outreach

In 2020, we serve as a beacon in the community as a voice of reason and as a force for social justice to nurture spirit, hope, love, and action for a better world.
We reach inside and beyond the walls of our congregation and partner with others to raise awareness, form common cause to fight injustice, intolerance, and inequality.

We will know that we are achieving our goals when:


2.1         We are hosting programs that educate both our own beloved community and the wider community

              on issues of social justice. 

2.2         We have gained visibility in the outside community through continued participation and presence

               in civic events.  

2.3         We are collaborating with other groups, faith-based or secular, to help achieve our goals. 

2.4         Through collaboration with the Communications &Technology (C&T) committee, we have planned and executed

               our own internal and external media policy to help maximize our visibility and promote our achievements.

2.5         We have identified a charitable cause that can help unify and unite the congregation through

               volunteer opportunity. 

2.6         We support the 7th UU principle of the interdependent web of existence of which we are all a part and seek to

              educate and incorporate these practices into our congregation and wider community.