Religious Exploration Committee


Our purpose is to create and guide a program of Religious Exploration (including classes, events and activities) that nurtures free and critical thinkers of all ages in a compassionate and vibrant spiritual community. We strive to create programs that guide students in their spiritual search for truth and meaning through stories, questions, discussions and hands-on activities.

Update for September 2019


We are working on a Mystery Party scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 28, 2019 from 6-8pm.   Everyone is invited (circa 1965 or dressy clothing). The set, designed by middle schoolers, is "The mUUseum of Modern Art", NYC circa 1965. Special Exhibit of the Jewels of India and two artists who don't really like each other. . .  Something happens and the guests figure out "who-done-it!".  If you want to be a character (there are 10), please contact or text 203-470-6183.  Information will be given to you about the role you will say in several rounds and a costume, too.  OR come as a guest dressy attire.  There will be "finger food" and punch served during the party.


World Religions year in Youth Religious Exploration:  Middle & High school youth AND Adults are invited to learn about different World Religions.  We will caravan in cars to off-site locations or have guests on-site each month.  Please RSVP if you would like to join the group when Mary Borland sends out information about the trips/guests each month in the weekly email.  Adult Enrichment will also offer a program on a different date (so there are two opportunities for you to learn).

Our child care person is unavailable at the moment, and this means Mary will need to fill in with more volunteers for the Pre-K to 2nd grade room for the near term. Please consider spending 1 hour with another person to provide a welcoming space to our youngest children and families (regular and new).  The RE Director will provide session plan (basically: 15 mins. free play, light a chalice, share joys and sorrows, open a "Wonder Box" to introduce the theme / story, show/tell/read a story with a UU connection to the Principles or Sources and one activity then back to free play).  Mary will also prepare all the supplies you need. RSVP or text 203-470-6183.

Summer went well.  A Dungeons and Dragons game, initiated by Em Moran, helped older elementary and middle school-aged children who wanted to spend time here during the summer.  Having programming start when School started also gets us into the school year routine of families.  Registration began 8/18/19.   Currently we have 8 official registrations, including 2 new families).


Our September theme is "Expectation" & are we will be studying key elements of Judaism in our World Religious exploration.

Upcoming RE Congregational Event:

Sept. 28th - Mystery Party

October Theme Belonging & Hinduism.

Congregational Event: Oct 26 Pumpkin Carving Event

Why You Want to Volunteer


  • Share your knowledge or experience of: religion, the bible, history, poetry, philosophy with our children and youth.

  • Learn about or participate in the teaching of the great religious traditions.

  • Help youth explore their moral, philosophical and religious beliefs.

  • Use your training as an educator or background working with children and youth.

  • Train to facilitate OWL (Our Whole Lives) or COA (Coming of Age).

  • Develop and grow our youth group (we would love to add a weekly youth activity program).

  • Plan and raise funds for a Youth Service Trip (local or domestic or international) every 2 years.

  • Create new inter-generational experiences: opportunities for sharing the freedom and creativity of youth with the wisdom and experience that comes with age.

  • Plan and lead new spiritual activities such as Yoga, Tai Chi and Labyrinths.

What’s Going On


  • Religious exploration classes for ages 4 through 18.

  • Playroom on Sundays for ages 0-3.

  • Seasonal Festivals: Fall Fest, Spring Harvest Fest.

  • Seasonal Children’s Chapels in Fall and Spring.

  • Intergenerational Services in November and January.

  • Children’s services in December & May.

  • Outdoor life: growing herbs and vegetable gardens, going camping.

  • Beyond Sunday: Spiritual activities and discussion for all ages.

  • Youth Service Trip is a possibility for June 2020 to UUA General assembly in Providence, RI.