Safe Congregation Policies


It is the intention of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN) to provide a safe environment to protect children, youth, staff, friends, guests and all members of our congregation.

All staff and regular volunteers in the Youth Religious Exploration (YRE) program are required to have a background check covering national databases on criminal, driving and other resources.

Volunteer teachers are expected to attend the annual teacher training as scheduled by the Director of Lifespan Religious Exploration (DLRE).

Each child will have an annually updated registration form on file that identifies special needs, allergies or other pertinent information to the well being of that child.

Sleepover and transportation guidelines are established by the YRE committee in conjunction with the DLRE. Permissions forms for special events and field trips are required.

Fire and emergency evacuation exits are marked with the lit EXIT signs. In case of emergency evacuation, parents are NOT to attempt to get to the education wing. Teacher will exit with classes and will meet parents in the Southwest corner of the parking lot. Teachers participate in drills and know how to safely evacuate the children.

First Aid kits are maintained and available to the DLRE, minister and staff. A defibrillator is located in the kitchen area and volunteers are trained on its appropriate use regularly. In case of serious injury, 911 will be called. Parents will be notified of any injury to their child. They will also be notified if their child causes injury to another.

Any complaints or concerns regarding any type of abuse (physical, verbal, sexual, emotional) will be reported to the DLRE, minister and president of the Board of Trustees for investigation.

All religious education functions are alcohol and tobacco free. Please note that other congregational functions/events may serve alcohol.