Winter 2019 Member-Hosted Events


The 2019 Member-Hosted Events Fund Raiser was a rousing success, and generated lots of fun, food, and fellowship.  


Our silent auction events are a great opportunity for visitors, friends, and members to join the camaraderie!   Bidding takes place during Hospitality on the pavilion for two Sundays in January.  Once bidding is open, don’t delay, as spots do fill up quickly. The list immediately below describes the events that were available this past season in detail with the full auction calendar.


All entrances will be at the minimum opening bid listed at the time of the silent auction.

A calendar of the events that were in the 2019 Silent Auction Fundraiser is listed below.
Charlene Thissen performs
Charlene Thissen performs

Joni, Judy, and Joan (Mitchell, Collins, and Baez) Concert / Album Posters from the 1960's

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Joni, Judy, and Joan (Mitchell, Collins,
Joni, Judy, and Joan (Mitchell, Collins,

Fiddle, Guitar, and Piano

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Ellen Prokopow & Zane Hollingsworth
Ellen Prokopow & Zane Hollingsworth

Saw lots of pelicans and dolphins on our 5-hour excursion thru Estero Bay, first north to Lover's Key, then south to Wiggins Pass.

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Charlene Thissen performs
Charlene Thissen performs

Joni, Judy, and Joan (Mitchell, Collins, and Baez) Concert / Album Posters from the 1960's

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2019 Silent Auction Detailed Descriptions




Mah Jongg – Classes for Beginner and Intermediate Players

Dates:  Wednesdays Jan 30, Feb 6, Feb 13, Feb 20, Feb 27   Time: 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Instructors: Lois Graydon and Marion Reigle

Location: UUCGN – Hospitality Room

Number of participants: 4 in each class. Minimum Opening Bid (MOB): $50


Mah Jongg is great fun, mentally stimulating, and not as difficult as bridge. It has been enjoying a resurgence in popularity, and there are enough members of the UUCGN community who play that you should be able to find companions to play with after this series is completed.  In the five Beginner classes, you will learn the basics of the game, how to read and understand the “card,” and how to play a game.  After five games, we guarantee you will know how to play!  The Intermediate Players series will offer players with some past experience a perfect opportunity to refresh or fine-tune their skills. Everything needed to play the game will be provided.  Join the fun!

Note: The Beginners and Intermediate Series take place at the same time.


Luncheon with Musical Entertainment 

Date: Saturday, February 2  Time: 12:30 pm

Home Hosts: Bill and Sharon Nicholson   

Location:  Bonita Springs, 34134

Number of guests: 8.   MOB: $40  


Join our gracious hosts the Nicholsons, who will offer a delectable luncheon complete with live musical accompaniment.  The luncheon will be preceded by a light appetizer and punch, after which Sharon will serve her renowned “tea room” chicken salad along with fruit, and a dessert.  The luncheon will also feature Caroline Cornell performing on the violin, accompanied by her friend Peter Learned on cello.  Many of you know Caroline, who grew up in the UUCGN community, and over lunch you’ll have time to ask her what that was like.  Caroline and Peter are both high school students, members of the National Honor Society, and in the Philharmonic Youth Orchestra.  You’ll enjoy learning from them about the lives of young, talented musicians in the Naples area, all while enjoying the meal. Join us for a wonderful afternoon of food and music!


Lunch and a Lecture, "Women in Art," at Bentley Village

Date: Wednesday, February 6  Time: 12:00 – 1:30 pm

Hosts: Jean Prokopow and Amy Russian-Solyenk

Location: The Bentley Room, in the East Clubhouse of Bentley Village, 701 Bentley Drive, Naples 34110

Number of guests:  2.  MOB:  $40 


Join your hosts for a pleasant lunch accompanied by a lecture, "Women in Art," being presented by Karen van Sickle.  The event is part of a series of lectures offered by the Bonita Springs Art Association.  The Bentley Room is a private dining room rented for special events . Join Jean and Amy for what is sure to be an enjoyable event!


Cubism, Another Way of Seeing

Date:  Sunday, February 10   Time: 3:00 – 5:30 pm

Host: Ann Fullarton, with help from the Art in the Garden group

Location: UUCGN – Thomas Hall

Number of guests: 20.   MOB: $30


This fun activity is designed to allow "first timers" the chance to discover and create their own art in the popular style of the cubists from the early 1900s.  The afternoon will begin with a short art history presentation of who the cubists were and why they chose this new style of seeing and painting.  Music and French-themed snacks and wine will help to create the proper atmosphere for the afternoon. Supplies for the afternoon painting will be provided, and there will be plenty of help and encouragement. 


Judy, Joni, and Joan Concert

Date:  Sunday, March 3.  Time: Appetizers on pavilion at 3:30 pm, concert from 4:30 to 6:00 pm

Hosts: Kathie Gorski, Joanne Swonk, Stephanie Perkins, and Gary Pajonk

Location: UUCGN

Number of guests: 40. MOB: $45

This will be a fun-filled evening to remember, shared with singer and songwriter Carlene Thissen. Carlene will celebrate the music of her influences, Judy Collins, Joni Mitchell, and Joan Baez, taking you behind the scenes and sharing intimate stories that inspired the music they sang, and the impact their music inspires still today. Join us on the journey, and along the way enjoy the music, sing along if so moved, sway with the rhythms as the spirit takes you. Carlene will be bringing along Laura Leary, a wonderful violinist and harmony singer. With Laura, Carlene can add a few different songs like ‘Hey, That's No Way to Say Goodbye’ and other harmony-dependent songs. Join kindred spirits for this exciting evening!


An Italian Dinner with the Corrallos

Date: Friday, March 8  Time: 6 pm

Home Hosts: Marjorie and Sal Corrallo

Location:  North Naples, 34110

Number of guests: 8.  MOB: $50


You are in store for an amazing dining experience – an epicurean delight!  The feast will feature the “Corrallo Family Sauce” (a tomato sauce with pork, meat balls, sausages, and beef ribs) and will include an antipasti platter, cheese ravioli, potato gnocchi, salad of mixed greens and walnuts, “cantucci vin santo,” chocolate torte, and espresso, accompanied by the Corrallos’ favorite Italian wines.  What more can we say?  Let the bidding begin!


One Woman Play: A Voice for the Everglades

Date:  Saturday, March 9.  Time: 7:00 pm appetizers and wine, 8:00 pm the play will begin 

Hosts: Robin Petty with co-hosts Susan Musick and Ann Burgeson

Location: UUCGN

Number of guests: 40.  MOB: $45


As the author and performer of this One Woman Play, Janina Birtolo says, “Writing one-person plays about famous women is my special passion!”  As those of us who have seen others of her plays know, her performances are always a treat, and this one is particularly close to home.  A Voice for the Everglades is about Marjory Stoneman Douglas, author of the pivotal book The Everglades: River of Grass.  Douglas is an environmentalist who continues to inspire; she helped spread the message of how special the Everglades is and how vital to all of life in South Florida. She started Friends of the Everglades and became an environmental activist at the age of 80!  Blessed with a wry humor, a sharp wit, and an enlightened perspective, Douglas packed a lot of living into her 108 years of life – and made a tangible difference.  The environment was just one of her many passions, albeit of paramount importance to those of us living in South Florida.  We invite you to attend and learn more about this amazing woman and her connection to the Everglades.

Progressive Garden Tour

Date: Sunday, March 10

Time: Meet at UUCGN at 1:30 pm. Will last approximately 4 hours

Hosts: Kathy Ripin and Edward Daniels

Location: Three gardens, as described below

Number of guests: 25. MOB: $30


Take in three unique gardens that will set your imagination on fire. An hour at each with Master Gardener Kathy Ripin as tour guide, nibbles and libations as well. Talk about how to make a garden a place that is intimate and cozy and restful, or another that is exciting and dramatic, or one that serves many purposes and makes you want to explore. Garden spaces that appeal to every sensibility.  You’ll be delighted with the beautiful residential garden “encroachment” in the lovely community of Bent Pines.  Edward has made his home an artistic haven with inside and outside spaces feeling almost interchangeable, strongly dramatic, yet always comfortable. Kathy’s gardens show you how to make the most of small spaces, creating lots of nooks to settle down with a good book, hear the gentle flow of water through interlocking ponds. And we take a good look at our own UUCGN gardens with its trails, waterfall, places to contemplate nature, explore, invite butterflies -- all the while, paying attention to native plantings, and honoring conservation of water and support for wildlife, maintainability, and sustainability.  We begin our journey at the UUCGN gardens (meet up at 1:30 pm) with a coffee and tea and a choice of sweets. Then we’re off to Edward’s gardens to take in its dramatic effects. Our final destination, Kathy’s garden, will welcome you with wine and cheese and gracious nibbles as you complete your garden tour with all the comforts of outdoor living.

Incorporating Mindfulness in Art (formerly titled Meditation & Mandalas)

Wed March 13

Time: 1:30 to 4:00 pm

Hosts: Kathleen Teach and Ann Marina, aided by an Art in the Garden volunteer.

Location: UUCGN

Notes:10 more spots available at $30 each

A colorful mandala spirals, referencing the dance of the universe in constant never-ending motion. It references the concept of Karma—what goes around comes around.  It symbolizes integration, harmony, and transformation. This event, for artists and non-artists alike, will be introduced by Kathleen Teach aided by an Art in the Garden volunteer. A meditation will be led by Ann Marina. Art materials will be provided. Tea and snacks will be served as those who wish share mandalas with one another.

Authentic Tibetan music will accompany our efforts to relax and go within. When ready, you will begin to design and color your own mandala.

Google:  You can expect to be pleasantly surprised.


St. Patrick’s Day Dinner Party

Date: Sunday March 17.  Time: 5:30 pm

Home Hosts: Joan and David Husband

Location:  Marco Island

Number of guests: 8.   MOB: $45


We are all Irish on St. Patrick's Day, right?  And what better way to celebrate than by sharing a traditional Irish dinner? Dinner will consist of Irish stew, soda bread, and apple cake with custard sauce, with Irish music playing in the background.  This is a wonderful way to celebrate the wearing of the green.  Come join us, let’s imagine we are on the Emerald Isle.  



Relaxing Boat Ride through Inland Waterways

Date:  Saturday, March 30.  Time:  10:30 am – 3PM

Location:  Departs from Spanish Wells, Bonita Springs, 34135

Hosts: Joan and Bob Pulfrey

Number of guests: 8.   MOB: $40


Join us for a mid-day pontoon boat ride (30 ft. boat) with light lunch included, through the inland waterways, starting at Bonita Beach, to New Pass, Lovers Key, and Barefoot Beach, with mid-cruise bathroom stop.  Leave for cruise around 11 am and return 2-3 pm.  A mid-cruise bathroom stop will take place.  You’ll see interesting water and plant life (mangroves galore) and have the opportunity to bird watch, so bring those binoculars! A light lunch will be served on the boat. 


1960s/70s Costume and Dance Party

Date:  Saturday, March 30.  Time: 6 – 9 pm

Location: UUCGN on the pavilion

Hosts: Kristin and Bob Muschett

Number of guests: 30.  MOB: $30 per person


Transport yourself back to a groovier time when bell bottoms were big, and disco and Diana Ross reigned Supreme.  This 60s and 70s party is a dress-up costume party featuring a DJ playing favorite songs from the 60s and 70s, along with games of "Name that 70s Tune" and "The Not So Newly Wed Game."  There will be an iconic VW hippie bus lifesize cardboard cutout for some priceless photo ops!  This is your night for nostalgia and a chance to hustle and bump the night away. Far out!  What could be groovier?  Snack food, pizza, and dessert will be provided, as well as water and non-alcoholic punch.  Please BYO favorite alcoholic beverage if you so desire.

Indian Dinner

Sunday, March 31.  Time: 5:00 pm

Home Hosts: Keith and Cheryl Inglis, Lois and John Graydon

Location:  Naples, 34119

Number of guests: 10.  MOB: $45


Keith, Cheryl, Lois, and John continue their celebration of international cuisine, this year offering a dinner from the Indian subcontinent. The cuisine of India is rich and diverse. The menu will include chicken, fish and vegetables seasoned with traditional Indian spices. Everything will be flavorful but not spicy in deference to American palates. The table settings, menu, and music will transport you to New Delhi or Mumbai – and you won't need your passport!


Wine Tasting with George Wright

Date:  Saturday, April 6.  Time: 5 – 7 pm

Hosts: George and Christina Wright

Location:  Naples, 34104

Number of guests: 10.  MOB: $30


George worked at a wine shop in Westchester County, NY for over 20 years and enjoys sharing his wine knowledge with others.  We will be tasting 10 wines – domestic and European, including some old vintages.  It will be a blind tasting: the wines will be unveiled after we finish tasting.  Be prepared for a surprise!!!  Wine-friendly finger-food including cheese and pâté will be served.

UU-BnB:  Naples Home Available for Your Guests for the Week of April 6-13, 2019 for 1 lucky winner!

Date:  week of April 6-13, 2019

Hosts: Kristin and Bob Muschett

Location:  North Naples, 34110

Number of guests: 6.  MOB: $700 (7 nights)


Do you have friends from up north who want to check out warmer climes and a great UU congregation in Naples?  Or maybe you are looking for additional space for visiting family?  The Muschetts’ home could be just the place you're looking for.  Their 3,000 sq. ft. home is located in the gated community of Sterling Oaks, right on US 41, 10 minutes from local beaches, fine dining, and other fun activities.  It has 3 bedrooms that will sleep 6 comfortably, including a master wing with king size bed and private bath.  Amenities include private in-ground pool and hot tub, and cable TV.


Farm Tour, Farm Meal

Date: Sunday, April 7  Time: 1 pm

Location:  Naples 34120 (12 miles from UUCGN)

Number of guests: 20.  MOB: $40


Mish Batty invites you to come to a Farm-to-Table event supported by her son, Nick, and his wife, Natalie.  Nick and Natalie have an organic farm that supplies farmers’ markets, restaurants, and hotels with their USDA certified veggies.  The afternoon will start with a walk around the farm with Nick giving some information and then we’ll sit down outside, under covering, for a healthful meal featuring fresh, nourishing farm produce.  Note:  There is some challenge with mobility and accessibility but there is a golf cart to get around. Wear sensible shoes!


Over the (Imperial) River & Through the Woods (of the Aztec Nursery):

Dining Experience on the Bank of the Imperial River with Pontoon Party Boat Excursion 

Date:  Saturday, April 13  Time: 6 pm 

Hosts: Jeanne Goldberg and Bill Pettinger

Location: Bonita Springs, 34134

Number of guests: 6.  MOB: $50


After welcoming the guests, our hosts will, weather permitting, invite you to board their tritoon boat, the Sunshine Express, for a ride on the Imperial River.  Hopefully we may be able to spot different varieties of wading birds and maybe even a dolphin or a manatee.  Our hosts will serve beverages and appetizers on board the Sunshine Express; the ride should last about an hour.  After the ride, you will be treated to a short tour of the Aztec Nursery.  There may be small mangoes on the trees, and some of the other tropical fruit trees will be identified and discussed during the tour. If the weather permits, we will dine outdoors on the Imperial River bank, with the following menu proposed:  Main course: smoked salmon, filet mignon; pasta salad; kale salad from Aztec Nursery’s raised gardens; roasted vegetables; naan bread.  Dessert: angel passion fruit pie and ice cream (prepared from Aztec Nursery passion fruit juice).  Drinks:  Wine, beer, and soft drinks to accompany appetizers and main course.  Our hosts may be able to send guests home with a few fresh herbs, depending on growing conditions.

Sunday Brunch with Music

Sunday, April 14 Time: 12:30 pm

Hosts: Robin Schrage, Marianne Dwyer, and Joan Insel

Location:  Naples, 34105

Number of guests: 16.  MOB: $40


Enjoy a relaxing, delicious Sunday afternoon brunch Celebrate spring with a delicious buffet spread, friends, flowers, mimosas, and music and song. Musical entertainment will be provided by Pat Bracy, of the Naples Music Foundation. Pat will sing and play music from the Best Songs Ever and will lead us in a singalong. What a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon!


Name That Tune!

Date:  Saturday, April 27  Time: 6 pm

Hosts: Anne Roberts, Rose Lemery, Susan Musick, and Patsy Sachs

Location:  Bonita Springs, 34134

Number of guests: 30.  MOB: $40


Name That Tune has the reputation from past years of being a lively and fun-filled evening. This year is sure to be the same.   The party will begin at 6 pm. We will be divided up into teams for a rousing game of Name That Tune, with piano accompaniment by Anne Roberts.  There will be a wide variety of music and categories.  Along the way, our hosts will serve wine, beer, and soft drinks, a gourmet pizza dinner, and dessert.  Join the fun – you are sure to enjoy the camaraderie.


Dinner & Conversation with the Minister

Date:  Saturday, May 18  Time: 6 pm

Hosts: Reverend Tony and Ann Fisher

Location: Bonita Springs, 34135

Number of guests: 8.  MOB: $45


Join Tony and Ann for dinner and conversation at their home.  What have you always wanted to know about Unitarian Universalism, life as a minister, or how Bostonians really feel about the Red Sox?  Bring your questions and Tony will try to respond with wit or wisdom while dining on Caribbean fare.  The menu will include Cuban roast pork, salmon with pineapple salsa, and other island-inspired foods and beverages.  The meal will have plenty to offer for omnivores, pescatores, vegans, and those who avoid lactose or gluten.



A Fall Progressive Dinner

Date:  Saturday, October 26, 2019.  Time: 5 pm

Location:   North Naples, 34110

Host:  Patrick Parker and Sally Parker

Dinner provided by Patrick Parker and his sister at their next-door homes in the Bay Forest community.  

A “themed” dinner will start at Patrick’s home with wine, cheese, appetizers and “chit-chat,” followed by the main meal – the theme to be determined, e.g., German, Italian, Greek – maybe even just plain American. Dessert, coffee, tea and more “conversation” will cap off the meal at Sally’s next-door unit (two driveways – lots of parking space). It’s the week before Halloween, so wear a costume if you wish and we’ll celebrate together.




Computer Lessons (one-on-one)

Days/dates/times to be mutually agreed with instructor 1 lucky winner!

Instructor: John Goodlet

Location: Your home

MOB: $100 (valued at $300)  

Three hours of Windows Xp/7,10, Microsoft Word and/or Excel, or digital photography and image editing (Photoshop Elements) taught by John Goodlet in two 1 ½ hour sessions in your home at mutually convenient times.  John is a retired college professor and has been teaching these subjects for the last 14 years in Naples.


Learn More About Your New iPhone

Days/dates/times to be mutually agreed with instructor 1 lucky winner!

Instructor: Joe Gellings

Location: Your home, UUCGN, or the library

MOB: $75 (valued at $250)


Two sessions of training, 1 hour each.  Two hours total.  Learn about surfing the internet, taking photos and videos, sending instant messages, checking the weather, finding places on a map, using the phone as a GPS, getting on Facebook, using your phone as a calendar for appointments, saving address and contact info for your friends, listening to radio stations from the USA and around the world, watching videos on YouTube, etc.  Joe is a retired engineer, having worked in a manufacturing and computer control environment.


Eleanor Will Polish Your Silver!

Day/date/time to be mutually agreed 1 lucky winner!

Location: Your home

Polisher extraordinaire: Eleanor Richardson

MOB: $30


Are you buried under beautiful heirloom silver that you never use because it isn’t polished?  Here is what Eleanor is offering to help you with:  “I actually enjoy polishing silver and will come for 3 hours to polish yours.  Better still, we can polish it together and you can tell me the stories that go with each piece. I also have some strategies for keeping it looking nicer longer.”