Social Justice Committee


Mission:  Nurturing spirit, hope, love, and action for a better world.

Vision:  We reach inside and beyond the walls of our congregation and partner with others, to achieve social justice initiatives, raise awareness, and form common cause, to fight injustice, intolerance, and inequality.

Goal:  To create peace, justice, awareness, and sustainability in our congregation and the wider community.

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The Social Justice currently has six active sub-committees:

  • Criminal Justice Reform, aligned with ACLU of Florida:  Jeff Davis

  • Education/Mentoring, aligned with NAACP, CCPS, and FGCU:  Bill McCormick

  • Environmental Justice, aligned with Citizens Climate Lobby:  Amy Clifton, Joan Benz

  • Immigration Advocacy, aligned with Legal Aid Service of Collier County:  Ellen Prokopow

  • Women’s Justice Committee, aligned with Planned Parenthood:  Jill Haugie

  • Food Security:  Weekend Meals for Kids:  Missy Cohen, Toni Lundborg, Barb Kurko, Sharon Nicholson

Sunday Movies: A monthly documentary & sandwiches featured after Sunday service.  It is hosted by a SJC sub-committee to increase awareness of issues.

Annual Charity Event:  Our biggest fundraiser and three-year commitment for its success

Split the Plate: A monthly offering in support of local organizations

UUCGN also aligns with other community organizations to address issues of social justice.  Among these are:

  • Standing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ):  Ellen Hemrick, Mish Batty (court sitters)

  • Climate Justice Lobby:  Amy Clifton

  • Food Angels Pantry:  Pam Gharabally

How you can make a difference
  • Take an active part with others in the congregation to live your values.

  • Learn what’s going on in the community and join forces to combat racism, intolerance, discrimination a,nd ignorance.

  • Build a more diverse, open, and compassionate community.

  • Lend your skills as teachers, business people, as caring and understanding individuals to help organize and solve the social and environmental problems of our day.


What We Do

  • Environmental Justice:  The team gathers and plans events, such as Earth Day Service, and environmental workshops

  • Weekend Meals:  Through generous contributions by UUCGN members and friends, volunteers shop, pack, and deliver to 4 local elementary schools for food insecure children.

  • Women’s Justice:  Seeks to educate & advocate for women's equality in the law, medicine, & healthcare; in culture; in state & national legislation; and in academia. We advance the cause of Global Human Rights & Justice for Women. 

  • Education/Mentoring:  Organizes and executes a mentoring solar program at Golden Gate High School and Emerson Academy tutoring at UUCGN.

  • Criminal Justice Reform: Raises awareness of mass incarceration injustices in the U.S. & partners with NAACP & ACLU on various issues.

  • Immigration Advocacy:  Assists in citizenship information.


Join us and make a difference.