Stewardship Committee


The Stewardship Committee is responsible for asking members to support the mission, values and aspirations of the congregation with an annual financial commitment or pledge. The goal of the Stewardship Committee is to raise awareness, and foster and strengthen our financial support from all members of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN), and from friends who want to support this caring community, its values, its mission and principles in the large community and world.

Why You Want to Volunteer


  • Dedication to UU mission, values, strengths and aspirations and desire to strengthen our financial capability through members financial support.

  • Get involved to raise awareness and generate excitement and financial commitment of all our members and friends.

  • Plan and organize the Stewardship Campaign (starting in October).

  • Plan and arrange fundraising events.

  • Meet and talk with individuals throughout the congregation about their vision for the congregation. Share how we are meeting our current needs, what we are doing to as a congregation and what is expected of each of us individually to provide the financial strength needed to sustain and support our mission going forward.

  • Review and critique of all aspects of the Pledge Drive, member pledges and results to improve the effectiveness of fundraising activities.

  • Apply your financial and computer skills to help analyze giving and understanding financial needs.


What’s Going On


  • Contacting every UUCGN member and giving friend to discussing our values and aspirations and seeking their pledge generosity, thanking them for their past generosity, and urging every one of the importance of their making a financial commitment.

  • Goal of maximizing pledge totals and surpassing last year’s total.