Our Challenges







The following challenges have been identified:


  1. Need for an updated long-term plan that addresses issues of both actual and projected growth.

  2. Need for an implementation tool to track measurement and completion of goals.

  3. Need for change in oversight of how committees meet and work to report on goals.

  4. Need for a budget that is aligned with long term vision.

  5. Need for clarity of organizational management: Updated organizational chart to be put on website and explained to committee members regarding who does what.

  6. Need for training on web conferencing to ensure seasonal members can participate remotely in meetings.

  7. Need for a specific person on each committee to be designated as a Communication Liaison.  The person with that role will need to be trained and responsible for promoting committee activities through advertising and media.

  8. Need for a Marketing/Communications consultant to do a full assessment of our current communications structure and how it functions for UUCGN.

  9. Need for a part-time, contract communications coordinator to handle website, social media, and coordination of UUCGN media activities.

  10. Need for a chairperson to head the marketing/communications part of CTC.

  11. Need for on-going training and training budget for future leaders or staff.