Sunday Forum 2018-2019


Timely topics are presented by renowned thought leaders from around the globe, as well as experts from within our congregation.  The Sunday Forum follows the early service, and precedes the Sunday second service December through April, and before the single service in October and November. 


It is held every Sunday from October through the end of April.  Forum starts at 10 am in the Sanctuary.  The format involves a 40-minute presentation with the remaining time allotted for Questions and Answers.

The 2018-2019 schedule is listed below.

October 2018

7:  Richard Kimball, Pres., Vote Smart

"Get ready! November Election!"

14:  Rachel Kangas

“The Archeological History of Dining in Southern Florida”


21:  Liza McClenaghan, for Common Cause

“Deciphering the 2018 Constitutional Amendments”

28:  Teacher, Students, Moms against Gun Violence.  “After Parkland, what next?”

November 2018

4:  William G. Kaye

“And the Youth Shall Lead the Way”


11:  Dorothy Jane Mills.  A UU Novelist at 90


18:  Carolyn Culbertson, Ph.D.

“Feminist Philosophy 101”


25:  Willliam P Pope.  “What is Putin’s Plan?”

December 2018

2:  Brenda Tate, Dir. Women’s  Foundation

"Status of Women in Florida"                                 

9:  Peter Quasius

"Our Oceans are in Hot Water"


16:   Thomas Felke, Ph.D.

"Think hunger doesn’t exist behind gated communities in Collier County?  Think again"    

23:   Vincent A. Keeys, Pres. NAACP:   

“Set to Fail”   

30:   Tom Eddy:   Commentary on “The Righteous Mind” by Johnathan Haight 

January 2019

6:  Allen Weiss, M.D.: 

“Medicine becoming the 4th Industrial Revolution”   

13:   Mark Ehman, Ph.D.:   “Buddhism” 


20:   James & Joanne Huskey: 

 “Diplomacy – Official and Unofficial” 

27:   June Sochen & Joyce Shrager:

“U.S.  Prospects for the Future”       


February 2019

3:   John King:   

“Foreign Policy – New Directions” 


10:   Jim Kenney: “It Was a Blue Wave. But What’s Happening Now?”

17:   Ghazi Q. Hassooun, Ph.D: 

My Spiritual Journey- “Walking Out Into The Sunshine”   

24:   John Psaras, Ph.D: 

“Rebuilding America” 

March 2019

3:  Charles Kupchella, Ph.D.: 

“The Biological Origins of Homosexuality and other aspects of Human Nature”

10:   Susan Suarez, Exec.Director: 

"The Holocaust Museum of SWFL"

17:   Char Wendell, J.D.: 

"The #MeToo Movement – Female Empowerment”  

24:   Pastor Judy Hanlon & Alford Green

 “LGBT Asylum Task Force:  Welcoming the Stranger at the Nexus of LGBTQ Rights, Immigration, & Racial Justice"

31:  Jeanne Goldberg, M.D. 

“The Politicization of Scientific Issues”  


April 2019

7:   James Wildman, Animal Rights Foundation:  “101 Reasons to go Vegan”       

14:   Albert Waldman, M.D.  

"An Homage to Dr. Jon Sarno"

21:   Katherine and Tom Costello:   

“The Era of Centenarians: Live To Be 120 and Healthy”    


28:    Stuart Wisong and Ryan Hadlock:  “Angel Legacy for Animal Welfare”