Sunday Forum Committee 


The Forum program provides intellectually stimulating programs of broad interest and diverse views. Speakers are often selected from the community for their insight into today’s issues, bringing a historical, economic or scientific, political or moral perspective. Topics are wide ranging but often focus on issues having a profound impact on our human condition. The small lecture format allows for a lively engagement of views between audience and speaker.


Why You Want to Volunteer


  • Plan speaker programs around timely issues and interests.

  • Evaluate the program each year (March) and plan ahead topics and speakers.

  • Help decide topics of interest, identify speakers.

  • Forums are heavily attended by many from the wider community, many sharing our UU values.


What’s Going On


  • End of March evaluation of current year's Forums and discussion of prospective speakers and topics for the upcoming year's.

  • Publicity

  • Plans for accommodating growth of congregation: potential 2nd service as it affects Forums

  • Ongoing search for next season’s speakers.