Team Against Racism & Oppression

Who formed TARO and why?


Almost 20 UUCGN members who attended the UUA’s 2020 Virtual General Assembly were exposed to a just-completed two-year exploration of racial bias within the UUA.  The study resulted in a 200-page report on the topic—Widening the Circle of Concern.  Along with panel discussions and workshops over the several days of GA, leaders passionately championed our UU principles as the guide for congregations to look within at their own biases and work to become stronger anti-racist entities. After GA ended, some of us began discussing how to bring this focus to UUCGN.   A core group formed -- TARO.  A program for the first year has been devised.  We hope the full congregation will join us for an exciting and enlightening process that will evolve with your input.


What is the general purpose?


TARO’s newly approved charter (unanimously approved by the Board of Trustees at its November 5th meeting) recognizes the need and desire of many of us UUCGN members and friends to take a stronger stand in the social justice movement focusing on racism and other oppressions by:

  • learning and examining our own internal biases

  • becoming more self-aware of our own white privilege

  • learning how power and policy disproportionately and negatively affect minorities.

We will focus initially upon examining our own biases by reading, discussing, viewing podcasts, and listening to folks who must face these struggles every day.  We will encourage all members and friends of UUCGN to offer our minds, hands, and hearts to this national struggle and to support actions in the wider community that will focus on anti-racism and anti-oppression.


What is TARO planning?


We will launch TARO with the December 6th Sunday service which will be followed by informational sessions, handouts on planned programs, and the opportunity for participation by the wider UUCGN community in this first year. You will be invited and encouraged to get involved in TARO programs to help define and realize our personal and congregational goals for the UUCGN mission. TARO members hope you will join us in this work; please plan on participating in a virtual program immediately after Rev. Tony’s service on December 6th for details.  Contact TARO co-chairs Harriet Lancaster and Kathie Gorski if you would like more information now.



A Video Message from Rev. Tony Fisher

Click Here  to view the message!

Dear friends, There is so much going on in our world that takes up our attention, but what can we be doing, even in these strange times, to live more deeply into our values and continue to grow together as a community of faith?

At this critical juncture, I hope today's message will serve as an invitation into a new adventure together!


Stay tuned for more information!


Love and blessings,



Which programs will be offered first? Click Here for details on Small Group Discussions

The Small Group meetings will start the week of January 11th.  You will get details on this and other programs and resources after the December 6th Sunday launch.  Please plan to join us virtually that morning after Rev. Tony’s service!