Marjorie Corrallo

Position: Trustee
Categories: Board Members

Marjorie Corrallo arrived with her husband Sal, and has been active in UUCGN life for almost 17 years. The first week, we began volunteering in support of a “thank you for your pledge dinner,” led by Walt Foley. We volunteered in RE, establishing a “parent’s night out”. I worked with Flo Beckler on our fundraising auction party for at least 5 years. I formalized and ran another small fundraising effort, Home Hosted Dinners, for another 5 years. I reorganized and managed Circle Dinners for over 10 years, encouraging new members to attend and host. We had an active list of over 100 UUCGN members.

Sal and I joined the congregation 3 years after we first arrived from the Rehoboth Beach area of Delaware. UUCGN was the first congregation I participated in, in 30 years. My religious background was varied: Lutheran, Christian Science, House Church, and now UUCGN.

Early in life I was a board member of House Church and their parish council (about 40 people meeting in parks and each other’s homes) formed by United Church of Christ, the Presbyterian, and Episcopal churches in the Washington DC metropolitan area. Other board activities included professional, social and civic groups.

Sal and I met and married in the Wash DC area where we raised our family of 8. I have 6 children, 5 spouses, 10 grandchildren, and 5 great grandchildren. They live and enjoy life all over the United States and the world.