Stephanie St John

Position: Youth Religious Exploration Director
Categories: Staff

Stephanie is a creative educator, and curriculum designer with over thirteen years of management, public relations and team building experience. She also has over 20 years of teaching experience most of it in Montessori schools. When first moving to SWFL she volunteered at Pace Schools for girls and ended up teaching and created science curriculum when they were short a middle school/high school science teacher during Covid.

Stephanie has worked with Episcopal and Lutheran churches in helping them create Godly Play (similiar to Spirit Play) spaces and curriculum for children and designed innovative after school classes and camps for Lutheran, Catholic and Episcopal schools. Since moving to Florida in June of 2018 she has also been helping her husband care for her elderly in-laws.

In her own words, “I came to this congregation to offer my skills to a new creative challenge. It is a great privilege and pleasure to engage children and youth in their spiritual and personal growth. Engaging youth by exploring social, climate and environmental justice, while delving into other religious cultures, and their UU heritage is key to holistic approach to learning. Allowing youth to find their own passions and interests is dear to my heart, so we need to give them an offering of what they can get involved in. I’m a child advocate at heart. The next generation is our future and they need a safe place to grow and feel accepted here in Florida”.