Volunteer Opportunities


Participating in a church community not only creates a vital and active congregation but it also creates a wonderful sense of belonging to a special community.


We encourage you to think about the ways you wish to be involved and invested in the future of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN). What skills and interests have you used over the course of your life, and are there any new directions you wish to grow into in the years ahead? We wish to create nothing less than a vibrant, lively community of members who are able to give to the congregation and to each other, as well as to society at large.


To learn more about joining a committee to give back to UUCGN (and in many cases also to the broader community), check out our Committees & Teams.

Current research has credited “connection with others” and “a sense of belonging” as key features of longevity and happiness. Let UUCGN be the place where you feel connection and belonging. Thank you for considering volunteering here!


Many members also volunteer “time, talent, and treasure” in the local community. We will soon be preparing a brochure listing volunteer opportunities in the Greater Naples area that will be based upon the experiences of our members.