Weekly Highlights


Information on upcoming UUCGN activities can be found below.  Please refer to the Event Board in the church foyer for detailed flyers on several of the events. 


A calendar view of events and program listings is available here.  

This week's highlights include events taking place at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples unless specified otherwise.

Saturday, January 18

10:30 AM — Mindful Meditation

9:00 AM — Women Rising March at Cambier Park

11:00 AM — Sallie Light’s Memorial Service

5:30 PM — An Evening with Eric K. Ward - SURJ

Sunday, January 19

9:00 AM — Forum: Bertha Vazquez, Director of Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science: “Tying up Creationism in the Classroom”

10:00 and 11:30 AM — Sunday Service: “Am I Sure It Bends Towards Justice?” –Rev. Tony Fisher

Social Justice Split the Plate:  Planned Parenthood

Home Hosted Events Catalogs Ready after each service

Richard Bosworth Concert January 26 Ticket Sales after each service

Monday, January 20

10:00 AM — Martin Luther King Parade at Cambier Park.  Parade walkers meet at Broadway & 6th St. S.

3:00 PM — Film Fans at Silverspot Cinema

Tuesday, January 21


8:30 AM — Garden Crew Volunteers; Everyone Welcome!

1:15 PM — Writers Critique Group

5:30 PM — Board of Trustees Meeting


Wednesday, January 22


9:30 AM — Weekend Meals Packing

5:30 PM — Wonderful Wednesdays Vespers and Dinner (RSVP Required)

6:30 PM — Wonderful Wednesday Program:  Stories from UU

Thursday, January 23


8:00 AM — ROMEO

11:00 AM — Aging Wisely Exercise

6:30 PM — Choir

Saturday, January 25

10:00 AM — Congregational Hike

10:00 AM — Art in the Garden

10:30 AM — Mindful Meditation

Sunday, January 26


9:00 AM — Forum:  Jeanne Goldberg: "Millennials and Generation Z—-Some Perspectives"

10:00 AM & 11:30 am — Sunday Service: “Whither Our Youth?”  – Rev. Tony Fisher

11:45 am — Bereavement Support Group

Home Hosted Events Silent Auction after Services

Progressive Voices & February Fling Ticket Sales after Services

4:30 PM — A Celebration of Musical Masterpieces by Richard Bosworth.   

Tickets available at the door for $55 per person.

​Sunday Schedule

  • Our Sunday service from 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM will continue throughout the rest of the congregation year.

  • Youth Religious Exploration Sunday program will meet at 10:00 AM unless otherwise noted by the weekly email to parents.

  • Forum runs from 9:00 AM - 9:45 AM and runs Sundays through May 10, 2020.  Forum includes a 35-minute presentation followed by 10 minutes for Q&A.  Speakers will also be available from 9:45 AM - 10:00 AM. for a more leisurely conversation on the pavilion.

  • second service will be held from 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM starting in January 2020.

    • In between the two services will be a 30-minute hospitality time, from 11:00 AM -11:30 AM so participants at both services can gather with friends and extend a welcome to visitors.

  • On the last Sunday in April, April 26, 2020, we will again return to only one service, at 10:00 AM, which will continue at least until the end of the Collier County school year (and most likely beyond).


Choose the 2nd Service!

All other things being equal, we do hope you’ll consider attending the second service on Sunday mornings. If you choose the 11:30 service, you’ll have the option of joining the early coffee hour at 11:00 or staying after the second service for part two of our hospitality. (You could even do both!!)

The first service promises to get even tighter as we deepen into season, so maybe take a little more time on Sunday morning to read that additional section of the newspaper, sip a little more coffee or tea, and join us a little later in the morning! The two services are identical in content.


This week there will be a visitor orientation to UUCGN after the second service.


The two-service format is being offered as we continue to strive toward a foundational piece of our 2020 Vision Statement: “We will know we are a beloved community when we provide a quality worship experience in the sanctuary for all who wish to attend.”  You too can share the joy of this important work. First, plan to attend the second service as often as possible as we try to accommodate everyone that wants to be here.  Second, sign-up to show your interest in helping in at least one of the following areas: 1) Sextons, 2) Greeters, 3) Ushers, 4) Hospitality, 5) Religious Exploration, or 6) Audio/Visual.  You may sign-up in the Pavilion after service, by emailing our Office Manager, Anna Riazi, at office@ uunaples.org, or by calling the office at 239-455-6553. Find a friend and sign up together!

Newcomer Orientation

For those who would like to find a way to connect, learn more about our congregation and for those who may be ready to join, there will be an orientation this Sunday after the second service, lasting about 2 hours.  Childcare and a light lunch will be provided.  Please contact the office if you would like to attend.

UUCGN Stewardship Campaign Continues THIS WEEK!

This is the time in UUCGN’s calendar when all of us, together, embrace and support our mission of peace, justice and love through our annual stewardship campaign.  If you haven’t already done so, PLEASE RETURN YOUR COMPLETED PLEDGE CARD to the office before you leave Sunday.  Remember that as stewards of UUCGN, we all hope to model generosity as we aspire to live our faith in the world each and every day.  THANK YOU for your generous pledge in support of our mission of peace, justice and love.


*February 2, 2020 *


On Sunday February 2, 2020 YOU ARE INVITED to a picnic at UUCGN to mark the end of a successful stewardship campaign and to recognize the generosity of time, talent, treasure and spirit our members and friends give to this congregation and the wider community every day.

The picnic will be located on and surrounding the pavilion beginning at 12:30 PM (the end of the second service) and ending at 2:00 PM.  ON THIS SUNDAY ONLY, Religious Exploration (RE) activities will take place at the second service so that our youngest participants can stay on to enjoy the food and fun.

Delicious pulled pork, chicken breasts, mac & cheese, chicken tenders, potato salad, cole slaw, and brownies will be provided by Michelbob’s Championship Barbecue, a family-owned and operated restaurant serving Naples and Marco Island for over 40 years.  Vegan dishes will also be available and there will be family games for all to enjoy. 

Please take this opportunity to attend the second service and stay on for the picnic!   If you prefer to attend the first service, please come by for lunch anytime between 12:30 p.m. and 2 p.m.  We’d love to welcome you! 


​Forum - Sundays at 9:00 AM

Timely topics are presented by renowned thought leaders from around the globe, as well as experts from within southwest Florida and our own congregation.  Talks are free and open to the public.

January 19:  

Speaker:  Bertha Vazquez, Director of TIES (Teacher Institute for Evolutionary Science)

Topic: Tying up Creationism in the Classroom

Bertha Vazquez has been teaching middle school science in Miami-Dade County Public Schools for 28 years. A seasoned traveler who has visited all seven continents, she enjoys introducing the world of nature and science to young, eager minds.  An educator with National Board Certification, she is the recipient of several national and local honors, including the 2014 Samsung’s $150,000 Solve For Tomorrow Contest and the $5,000 Charles C. Bartlett National Excellence in Environmental Award in 2009.  She was Miami-Dade Science Teacher of the Year in 1997, 2008, and 2017 and was one of Florida’s 2017 finalists for The Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. Thanks to the success of TIES, Bertha was the recipient of the 2017 winner of the National Association of Biology Teachers Evolution Education Award.


Please join us this Sunday for a fascinating presentation on the innovative program that Bertha Vazquez has developed to address the challenge of teaching  evolutionary science to middle school students in our country.

Youth Religious Exploration for Sunday January 19

UU Source: Christianity and January Theme: Integrity

PreK-2nd: Start in Beatrix Potter room at 10:00 AM and 11:30 AM Integrity of “We” - WE/ME art - Scenarios from book About Right & Wrong

Chapel Day (3rd grade and up) - Start in Thomas Hall at 10:00 AM The Power of “WE” / The Acts of the Apostles (UU Source: Christianity) In the Christian Bible Acts 2:43-47 describes the actions of the early Christians community. Message: When people are inspired for the benefit of all people, we witness goodness and fairness in the world.  How are you/UU doing that? Could someone tell by your actions?  Songs: Spirit of Life, Seven Principles (which is a great way to remember them).

TAKE-IT-HOME resources for your mind and spiritual practice: 

For Families: A story: Feathers (Hasidic Folktale)  We are a “WE” together.  To keep our integrity, be honest and kind and don’t spread rumors about others.

For All Ages: Love in Action: Thirty Days of Love - Side with Love Campaign - Jan.15 - Feb.14 (look at calendar ideas from 2018), 

Play Song:  Nick Page and the Mystic Chorale's  This is a Promise I Will Keep  

For Youth & Adults Song: Brother Sun Song - Jericho Road  “Hate is too great a weight to bear” and if you’re curious here’s the Significance of Jericho Road in Biblical times, and for MLK, Jr. Weekend.   Have you read this Historic 1966 M. L. King Jr. Ware Lecture to UUA General Assembly

Highly encourage you to attend at least one of the events on MLK, Jr. Weekend: The Women's March, Speaker on white nationalism at UU Sat. night, and the MLK, Jr. Parade (see the calendar or weekly news for details)

Questions? or to get on the family email list contact Mary@uunaples.org

Home Hosted Events 2020

Silent Auction Bidding will take place after each service for Home Hosted Events on Sunday, January 19 and Sunday, January 26.  Refer to the Auction Catalog for process of bidding between these dates or if you cannot be present on the Sundays of the auction.  The event listings will available on the UUCGN website and you can check the top bid for each item daily. 


This year the catalogs will have your Bidder Number on the cover.  This number is intended to make it easier for you to bid for items and also will reduce the chance of errors in name spelling.  It will also speed up the closing process at the end of the auction.  Winners will be notified within a day of the auction closing and hosts will receive a list of their guests sooner.  You will be able to bid as you have done in previous years, after each service on the Pavilion. 


If you forget your bidder number, there will be helpers on the Pavilion to assist you retrieving it.  We have a goal of having all of the winners identified quickly so that you can be notified of your bidding success on Monday, January 27.  Be patient!  Use your bidder number, bid high and have fun!

A Celebration of Musical Masterpieces by Richard Bosworth – Purchase Your Tickets Now!

If you are looking for a way to spend a wonderful afternoon/early evening, come join us for a performance by our beloved former musical director and amazing pianist, Richard Bosworth.  Richard will be flying in from Seattle to perform on Sunday, January 26, 2020, in a special fundraiser.  The afternoon will start at 4:30 PM with a reception on the pavilion, and the recital itself will begin at 5:30 PM in the sanctuary. Advance sale tickets are available for $45 each.  They can be purchased by contacting Anna in the office or using PayPal  as well as in person on the pavilion after the preceding Sunday services. If you’d like to attend, purchase your tickets soon, and definitely by January 24. After that date, any remaining tickets can be purchased at $55 each.


Social Justice Actions

January's Split the Plate:  Planned Parenthood Florida

As we enter 2020, we recognize the 100th anniversary of the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, which became part of the U.S. Constitution on August 18, 1920. It states, "The right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of sex."  In honor of women everywhere, we will partner with Planned Parenthood Florida for January's Split the Plate.


An Evening with Eric K. Ward,

racial justice strategist with the Western States Collective

On Saturday, January 18 at 5:30 PM, The Collier NAACP and SWFL SURJ present a vital opportunity to formulate a community response to white nationalism in our communities.  At 5:30 PM, a catered meal will be served during which participants will be able to preview the toolkit for confronting white nationalism in schools, sign up for community action, and get involved in becoming a part of the solution.  A short video about using the toolkit will be presented and the community will have a chance to respond.  Kids are welcome, free of charge.

At 6:30 PM, after the community meal (Tickets are $25), Mr. Ward will present on white nationalism with time for questions and answers.  Given the history of white supremacy and the resurgence of white nationalism in the US, we hope you will choose to be part of the solution.  Join us!  UUCGN is wheelchair accessible.  Please contact SWFL SURJ for accessibility details and dietary restrictions.  All proceeds will go to the Collier NAACP.

MLK Jr. Day Parade on Monday, January 20

UUCGN will be marching in the MLK Jr. Day Parade on Monday, January 20.  We need 3-4 people to set up our table in Cambier Park at 8:00 AM and staff the table thru the day.  Marchers will gather on Broad Street near 6th Street South at 9:30 AM for those who are walking in the parade.  Signage is available from UUA:  Will you march and sing with us for freedom?  Mark your calendars!  Contact Ellen Prokopow at ellenma8@gmail.com or 617-519-4820 if you can be there!

Choices for Sustainable Living Course Starts January 28


Choices for Sustainable Living is an 8-week discussion course developed by the Northwest Earth Institute.  Each person will be given a course book that contains selections on a theme for the week with readings from people like Paul Hawken, Winona LaDuke, and Barbara Kingsolver.  It is integrated with the EcoChallenge online platform and will challenge us to choose actions to reduce our impact.  We will meet weekly at 1:00 PM in Thomas Hall starting January 28th.  You can sign up for this course during coffee hour between services starting January 5th or email greensanctuary@uunaples.org.

Save the date:  Saturday, March 21, 2020! 

Building Bridges, Connecting Communities

Charity Fund Raiser for

Legal Aid Service of Collier County

at Naples Italian-American Club

on Airport-Pulling Road at Orange Blossom

Please mark your calendars for Saturday, March 21, for UUCGN's annual Charity Partner dinner and auction to benefit Legal Aid Service of Collier County will be held on Saturday, March 21, 2020 at the Naples Italian-American Club.   Our funds help support a bi-lingual paralegal who focuses on immigration cases:  DACA (Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals, or "Dreamers"; TPS (Temporary Protected Status) filings, deportation hearings, and asylum petitions.   We will hold again the event at the Naples Italian-American Club on Airport-Pulling Road -- but a lot of other things will be new!  Exciting new auction items and blind wine pull await!


Adult Enrichment​

Wonderful Wednesdays

Feed your mind, body, and soul.

A mid-week multi-age gathering with food, fellowship, and fun for all.

Unless otherwise noted (as for the Jan. 22 program), Wonderful Wednesdays will start at 5:30 with vespers (centering), followed at 5:45 with a simple meal (suggested donation $10/person, $20/family). 

We will take a hiatus from February 5 through March 11, during which Progressive Voices will be offering a Wednesday evening series.  We will pick up again with Wonderful Wednesdays starting on March 18, with many more programs

"Wonderful Wednesdays" is a mid-week multi-generational gathering to feed the mind, body and soul.  Food, fellowship and fun for all.  It consists of three parts:  Vespers, followed by a light meal, and the program. 

  • RIDE SHARE:  If you’d like to carpool, email office@uunaples.org and we’ll try to pair you up.

  • PROGRAM ONLY.  You do not need to attend vespers or dinner in order to participate in the program.  


5:30 PM Vespers

5:45 PM - 6:30 PM Dinner – a simple meal.  Requires pre-ordering.  Suggested donation $10/person, $20/family.  Please RSVP for meal so we have an accurate count:  Sign-up sheets will be in foyer on Sunday morning or email office@uunaples.org. by Monday at 5:00 PM.

6:30 PM - 8:00 PM – Program.  Come for the entire evening or come for just one part.  Childcare is provided.

As you will see in January’s newsletter, the Wonderful Wednesday programs are all set for the month, and an exciting array of options it is! 

More details on this and the rest of the Wonderful Wednesday programs can be found in the January newsletter, with reminders in this weekly email bulletin. Also, a reminder to all: Please contact the office or sign up in the foyer for the meal, by Monday at 5:00 pm.

January 22:  One program only.   

Stories from U:  Authentic first-person stories told by the people who lived them.


Come listen to a handful of short personal stories.  Be inspired, amused, certainly hugely entertained.  Don’t miss this evening event, coordinated by member Laura Bensman.  6:00 PM refreshments on the pavilion, storytelling 6:30 PM to 8:00 PM. There will be no separate multi-age activity this evening, only child care.

This will be the third segment of the very popular program featuring storytellers that is coordinated by member Laura Bensman.  We have 7 new storytellers ready to share their truth on the UUCGN Sanctuary Stage.  But just as important is an openhearted group of listeners ready to hear those very real stories. Please join us for a warm evening of connection and show your support.  Admission is FREE.  All are welcome.

Our featured storytellers for the evening are: Joanne Huskey, Joan Dolamore, Ellen Prokopow, Katherine Baer, Bill Pettinger, Mona Hoffman, and Ed Ostrom.

January 29

  • Option 1:  Ariel Hoover, Climate Reality Speaker. Come hear an explanation of the causes of climate change and its impacts on our economy, health and food and water supply as well as the huge threats to our future.  Most importantly, we will share HOPE, because each of us has a role to play to ensure that our country’s future well-being and yours are healthy and sustainable. You will see that we have the tools already to change our trajectory. Discussion will follow the presentation.  Ariel Hoover is an educator, grandmother and environmentalist trained by Al Gore and climate scientists in Pittsburg in late fall 2017 and is now a spokesperson for Climate Reality.

  • Option 2:  Multi-age climate session. This program will be coordinated by Mary Borland and will relate to the topic of climate change and likely include an activity from the Northwest Earth Institute book titled Choices for Sustainable Living.

Adult Enrichment Winter Offerings

Looking at Longevity

Tuesday, February 11, from 6:00-8:00 pm in Thomas Hall

Speakers:  Katherine and Tom Costello

Does the Prospect of Living to be 100+ Make you Hopeful or Fearful?

THE AGE OF THE CENTENARIAN IS HERE. There are about half a million people over 100 years old on the planet already. The United States alone already has about 75,000 centenarians, and the number is increasing. Let’s talk about it!

This wonderful opportunity to get together and explore longevity will contain activities, updates on research, a look at related news, stimulating questions, and a Q&A at the end.

Together as a couple for four years, Katherine and Tom have created a lifestyle of healthy choices, forward thinking, and the determination to contribute to fuller understanding of longevity. The blending of their mutual beliefs has led to the expansion of Tom’s original Live To Be 120 and Healthy website (created in 2006).

Katherine is a career educator and educational consultant.  Tom was in Special Forces as a young man, followed by regional sales management.  Both Katherine and Tom are State of Florida certified mediators. Neither Katherine nor Tom has medical training, so don’t expect this workshop to be about frailty, disease, or death. However, both of them will have lots to say related to lifestyle choices.

Depolarization Within:   A Better Angels Workshop

Saturday, February 22, from 2:00-5:00 PM in Thomas Hall


Too often, we stereotype, dismiss, or ridicule our fellow citizens who hold other views.  This workshop focuses on being more aware of our “inner polarizer”, learning how to be critical without demonizing or dismissing, and developing strategies for intervening when conversations veer into contempt or ridicule.  Earl Anderson, ehowea1@gmail.com and Janet Hoffman, janetmhm@icloud.com are organizing this.  Feel free to contact them for questions.  Registration is required and limited to 45.  Please register through Eventbrite using this link.


If unable to use Eventbrite, please contact Janet Hoffman for registration to the workshop.

Better Angels is a national citizens' movement to reduce political polarization in the United States. Workshops are facilitated by trained volunteer moderators who remain neutral.  Launched in 2016, Better Angels has tested and developed three different types of workshops with “Depolarization Within” as one of them.  Instead of asking people to change their minds about issues, the workshops give people a chance to better understand each other.  People are encouraged to look for common ground and ways they can work together.

New Adult Enrichment Book Club Begins February 25th

The Adult Enrichment Committee is excited to start a new book club that will meet each month to discuss mainly non-fiction books with interesting and timely topics.  The first book to be discussed on Tuesday, February 25th from 6 to 8 pm at UUCGN is When Breath Becomes Air by Paul Kalanithi.  At the age of 36, on the verge of completing a decade’s worth of training as a neurosurgeon, Paul Kalanithi was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer.  When Breath Becomes Air chronicles his life transformation from a naive medical student into a neurosurgeon and finally into a patient and a new father confronting his own mortality. What makes life worth living in the face of death?  Let’s read and discuss together next month!

Each month, on the fourth Tuesday of the month, we will meet to discuss a book with others.  We will have a list of books at each meeting and then those in attendance will decide the next book to read for March. We hope you can join in on the discussion starting with When Breath Becomes Air on Feb. 25th at 6:00 PM. Please RSVP to Elle Dicasparro at elle@dicasparro.com so we can have an idea of the room size we need!


The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline

Over four consecutive Friday afternoons starting on March 13, the Adult Enrichment Committee will be offering a program exploring the book The End of Alzheimer's: The First Program to Prevent and Reverse Cognitive Decline, written by Dale Bredesen, MD.  The book is touted as “a monumental work".  Dr. Bredesen completely re-contextualizes this devastating condition away from a mysterious and unsolvable process to one that is both preventable and, yes, reversible.” (quote from David Perlmutter, M.D.,#1 New York Times Best Selling Author of Grain Brain and Brain Maker).

What is the science behind Dr. Bredesen’s program? What exactly does the plan recommend, and what is it like following it?  What is the hype about?  If you are keen to know more, join us as we discuss the book over two sessions (March 13 and 20), then hear from an individual who has been following the author’s protocol, known as the Bredesen Protocol (also known as ReCODE) (March 27).  In our final session (April 3) we hope to hear from a physician who has trained in the Bredesen Protocol.  We recommend you give yourself plenty of time to read the book before our sessions begin, to benefit fully from the discussions. Sessions will take place from 1:00 to 2:30 pm on Fridays March 13, 20, and 27 plus April 3.

Chrysalis: A Guided Autobiography, Wednesday mornings, February 5 - March 11

A memoir is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and loved ones.  Now is the time to begin writing your life story two pages at a time, a story that is just waiting to be told.  ‘Guided Autobiography’ is a six-week memoir writing class designed to assist adults of all ages in writing and sharing stories from their earlier life experiences.  Each week, participants will be guided in exploring a different life theme and writing on that theme at home.  Participants will bring the story to class the following week, and read it in a nonthreatening, confidential setting to a small group of supportive fellow classmates.  The instructor, Pam Mayers, Ed.D., is Certified through the Birren Autobiographical Studies Program.

·        Wednesdays, 10 a.m. - 12 pm, February 5th thru March 11th at UUCGN

·        Materials fee: $10

Register for the class with Anna Riazi in the UUC office by January 29, 2020.  Priority will first be given to UUCGN members.  Maximum number of ten participants.

Contact Pam Mayers @ pammayers@hotmail.com for further information if needed.


Musical Masterpieces Performance by Richard Bosworth
on Sunday, January 26, 2020, from 4:30 to 6:30 PM

If you are looking for a way to spend a wonderful afternoon/early evening, come join us for a performance by our beloved former musical director and amazing pianist, Richard Bosworth.  Richard will be flying in from Seattle to perform on Sunday, January 26, 2020, in a special fundraiser follow-up to last year’s home-hosted events. 


The afternoon will start at 4:30 pm with a reception on the pavilion, and the recital itself will begin at 5:30 PM in the sanctuary. 


Advance sale tickets are available for $45 each.  They can be purchased by contacting Anna in the office.  We will hold your tickets until you can pick them up prior to or on the day of the event.  You can purchase your tickets on the UUCGN website using PayPal.  Tickets will also be available for purchase on the pavilion on the three Sundays in January prior to the performance.  If you’d like to attend, purchase your tickets soon, and definitely by January 24. 

After that date, any remaining tickets can be purchased at $55 each.

Contact Ann Fullarton (auntmeg@comcast.net) or Kathie Gorski (kathie.gorski@gmail.com) with any questions.

Home-Hosted Events 2020

If you are considering hosting an event, now is the time to schedule it!  The event doesn’t need to be in your home.  “Home” simply means the host(s) are members or friends of the congregation.  All of the proceeds from these events goes directly to UUCGN.  Most events are held from mid-February through May, although they can be scheduled throughout 2020.  Dinners, parties, concerts, boat-rides, services, etc. are all excellent suggestions.  These events are opportunities for all of us to get more acquainted and to enjoy each other’s company in a social venue.  

Please contact one of the following people to discuss your ideas and schedule your event!

Bobbi Berglund (readboulder@yahoo.com, 815-440-2098),

John Forsyth (j.forsyth@usa.net, 937-478-1964),

Jill Gnesda (gnesda46@gmail.com, 815-601-9366),

Kathie Gorski (Kathie.gorski@gmail.com, 262-349-0313).


Bidding will take place the final two Sundays in January, with events following close behind.

Progressive Voices Speak Out 2020

February 5 - March 11

This season's series of lectures for Progressive Voices Speak Out is approaching.  It will start February 5 and run for six weeks on Wednesday evenings.  Advance series tickets for all six lectures will be available for $75.00 on January 19 after the services.  That's a $15.00 savings over the individual lectures' suggested donation of $15.00 each.  Plan to pay ahead and save!  See Robin Schrage, Joan Insel or Marianne Dwyer on the pavilion. 

Valentine’s Dance  Saturday, February 15

SAVE THE DATE - February Fling - Saturday, February 15, 7-10.   Our second annual evening of music, dance, good food and great friends, brought to you by the Blue Zones initiative.  Music by Bob Zotola and his jazz quartet.  $15 per person. Kids are free. Tickets on sale during coffee hour.


Welcoming Visitors and New Members

Welcome Table: Attention Visitors – Join us on the patio after services!

Newcomers who would like more information regarding our congregation are requested to fill out a green- colored paper located between the chairs in the sanctuary.  Place them in the collection plate or leave on the table in the foyer. Please also consider stopping by the Welcome Table on the Pavilion after the service.

Newcomer Orientation

​For those who would like to find a way to connect, learn more about our congregation and for those who may be ready to join, there will be a series of orientations throughout the year, lasting about 2 hours.  Childcare and a light lunch will be provided.  Please contact the office if you would like to attend. 

​Book Club Reading List 2019-2020

Meetings are held in Thomas Hall at 2:00 PM every third Thursday of the month except as noted by asterisk. These meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month.

February 20:  Less by Andrew Sean Greer; Facilitated by Joann Anthony

March 19:  The Dante Club by Matthew Pearl; Facilitated by Betty Walsh
April 16:  The Penelopiad by Margaret Atwood; Facilitated by Carolyn Bordeau
*May 14:  The Annual Book Share.  Our reading list, by custom, is composed of works of fiction that do not exceed 400 pages.  Since our members are readers of diverse forms of literature, we use a different format in the May meeting to discuss and recommend to the group 1 or 2 books that do not conform with our criteria but are worth the members’ attention.

Social Activities

Film Fans

On Monday, January 20, Film Fans will meet at Silverspot for a movie; several are recommended, starting close to the same time and about the same length.  

Meet third Mondays of each month at Silverspot Cinema and then meet up for dinner at Burntwood Tavern.  Robin Schrage, 239-261-9427. 

Third Fridays Circle Dinners

Time to sign up for our February 21 circle dinner.  Join us for a dinner with 6, 8, or 10 friendly UU’s in their home.  Circle dinner hosts will prepare a main course and ask you to bring some of the trimmings: appetizers, a salad, dessert, bread or maybe a vegetable side dish.  We meet around the dinner table to get to know each other better, to have personal conversations, and to have a fun and entertaining evening.  If you are new to circle dinners and would like to participate in one of our dinners, there is a sign-up sheet in our UU foyer, or you may call Marjorie or Sal Corrallo 239.269.8802 for more information.

Save the Date!  Musical Masterpieces by Richard Bosworth
Sunday, January 26, 2020 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM at UUCGN

Coming up in January, our beloved former musical director, Richard Bosworth, will be performing at UUCGN on the recently donated Steinway piano (extreme gratitude to Jeannette Boucher for having donated the piano to UUCGN).  Richard will be flying in from Seattle to perform on Sunday, January 26, 2020, as part of the home-hosted events fundraisers.  The afternoon will start at 3:00 PM with appetizers on the pavilion, and the recital itself will begin at 4:00 PM in the sanctuary.  Whether you already know Richard and want to find out how life is treating him in the Pacific Northwest or you want to come meet him for the first time to see why he is remembered so fondly, you are bound to have an enjoyable afternoon, all the while contributing to the largest fundraiser for which the funds go directly to supporting us as a congregation.  The recital will be open to the public, and we hope you will spread the word and bring friends and neighbors to hear Richard’s performance.  Details including the price of admission will follow next month, but in the meantime, mark your calendar so you will be able to attend, support UUCGN, and enjoy Musical Masterpieces with Richard Bosworth on the piano.  Contact Ann Fullarton or Kathie Gorski with any questions.

Valentine’s Dance  Saturday, February 15

SAVE THE DATE - February Fling - Saturday, February 15, 7-10.   Our second annual evening of music, dance, good food and great friends.  Music by Bob Zotola and his jazz quartet.  $15 per person. Kids are free. Tickets on sale during coffee hour.

​Ongoing Programs and Activities

Adult Enrichment:  Guided Autobiography:  Pam Mayer will continue to offer her very-much appreciated Guided Autobiography Levels 1 and 2 classes, early in the new year. Those who have already participated in Levels 1 and 2 will be joining Pam in an online group that starts this month.

Several other ongoing programs will continue to be offered as well.  Several of these are offered not directly under the umbrella of the Adult Enrichment Committee, having existed before the committee formed.  Ongoing programs include, for example, Art in the Garden, Writing Group, Visual Arts Group, Aging Well, Fiction Book Club.

Adult Enrichment:  Creative Writing Group

This is an opportunity for all writers - fiction, non-fiction, essay, poetry - to come together to share their work and receive feedback in a supportive, collegial environment. Contact John Womack by e-mail at johnHwomack@gmail.com for more info. ​

Adult Enrichment:  Visual Arts Group

The Visual Arts Discussion Group meets on the 4th Monday of each month at 4 pm. Everyone is welcome!  Come and bring in examples of your recent work . . . painting, photography, sculpture or any other medium.  We will try to go beyond a technical critique and explore what story the artist is trying to tell.  Interested?  Contact George Wright at wrightonovernaples@aol.com.​

Caring Committee

Many UUCGN members have left their former communities up North (or West, for some folks), and have relocated to southwest Florida and found their way to our Unitarian Universalist community.  Our
congregation's Caring Committee members are available to help with short term needs such as transportation to appointments, delivery of prepared meals when an acute need arises, or childcare for emergency situations.

Our committee members come from varied backgrounds and professions and may be able to offer
information to you if you have questions about resources in our region.  Call the office and request a call from one of our members.  We'd be happy to assist you with our helping hands and loving hearts.

LGBTQIA+Interest Support Group

If you are interested in joining LGBTQIA+ group, please contact Annie/Roger at annieroger@a2am.com or text 239.628.6545 with a brief introduction of yourself. ​

Social Activities:  Film Fans

Meets the third Monday of each month at Silverspot Cinema, and then meets at Burntwood Tavern in the Mercato shopping center in north Naples afterwards and have dinner and good conversation!  Please contact Joan Insel at 239.514.2759 or joaninsel@hotmail.com for more info. 

Social Activities: First Fridays / First Saturdays

First Friday is a monthly evening get-together at a UUCGN member’s home.  Guests bring finger food and drink to share.  If you are unable to host a party at your home, please consider hosting a First Saturday on the UUCGN pavilion with the same format.  Contact Cheryl Lash or office@uunaples.org for more info. 

Social Activities:  ROMEO (Retired Old Men Eating Out)   We usually meet for breakfast on the second and fourth Thursday of each month at Skillets in the Bed, Bath, and Beyond Plaza at the corner of Airport Pulling Rd. and Pine Ridge.  We start at 8:00 AM until ???  Call Roger Brown for additional info. at 239.254.1128.

Green Sanctuary:  Citizen’s Climate Lobby

Do you have five minutes to tell congress how you feel about climate?  If so, please click cclusa.org/write and enter your name and address.  The next screen will show messages to be sent to your congressman and both senators.  You can send the suggested script, or customize.  Submit and you’re done.

On November 12, over 800 CCL'ers from across the nation met with congress people and their staff in DC asking for them to take meaningful action on climate.  A common response from the congress person is they need to hear more from their constituents.  If you want to make your voice heard please click cclusa.org/ write and enter your name and address.  The next screen will show messages to be sent to your congressional representative and both senators.  Submit and you’re done.  To learn more about CCL, please join us in Thomas Hall for our monthly meeting.  All are welcome.

Citizens Climate Lobby, citizensclimatelobby.org, is a nonpartisan, non-profit organization that empowers people to become effective advocates for climate solutions.  Each meeting we have a guest speaker (by video) and make plans around outreach opportunities, building relationships with local business, faith and political leaders, and pursuing media opportunities.  Meetings are most third Thursdays of each month at 6:30 PM.

Board of Directors:  Tech4Good

Tech4Good is a nonprofit organization that meets the first Tuesday of each month, from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM at UUCGN.  We invite all local nonprofit organizations to network, learn, test and explore new technologies, exchange ideas, and best practices. To learn more or to register, visit www.tech4goodswfl.org.


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