pillar 2:


In 2025, we serve as a beacon in the community as a voice of reason and as a force for social justice to nurture spirit, hope, love, and action for a better world.

We reach inside and beyond the walls of our congregation and partner with others to raise awareness, form common cause to fight injustice, intolerance, and inequality.

We will know that we are achieving our goals when:

2.1. We are hosting programs that educate both our own beloved community and the wider community on issues of social justice.
2.2. We have gained visibility in the outside community through continued participation and presence in civic events.  
2.3. We are collaborating with other groups, faith-based or secular, to help achieve our goals.
2.4. Through collaboration with the Communications &Technology (C&T) committee, we have planned and executed our own internal and external media policy to help maximize our visibility and promote our achievements.
2.5. We have identified a charitable cause that can help unify and unite the congregation through volunteer opportunity.
2.6. We support the 7th UU principle of the interdependent web of existence of which we are all a part and seek to  educate and incorporate these practices into our congregation and wider community.

We will know we are a beloved community when:

1.1   We provide a quality worship service experience in the sanctuary for all who wish to attend.
1.2   We model a personalized approach to new members, making them feel valued and helping them to integrate fully into the UUCGN beloved community.
1.3   We celebrate an expanded and diverse music program for all ages built on the excellent foundation we enjoy today.  
1.4   We provide our youth with a rich and vibrant education program that enables a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.  
1.5   We offer adult enrichment opportunities that provoke the mind, enrich the soul, and foster community, and become known in the Greater Naples area as a place of learning and personal development in the liberal spirit.  These programs will address the interests of a diverse adult age span and will reflect our UU values.
1.6    As part of our beloved community, ensure that the practical activities of daily living of all members from busy families to aged and infirm members are thoughtfully considered to make life better and encourage fellowship and better participation in activities.  
1.7   As part of our beloved community, we make sure elders in the church are recognized for their legacy of leadership and excellence.  
1.8   We are committed to exploring and recommending to the UUCGN board a path towards greater diversity.
1.9   We acknowledge and appreciate the unique challenges of being a “seasonal” congregation.