Naples is a Gulf coast city in Southwest Florida. It's known as a wonderful place to retire due to its golf courses, beach, amenities, and shopping areas.  It's also famous for the Naples Pier which juts out into the Gulf of Mexico and has been the visual mascot for the city since 1888. The beaches are pristine and there are many activities to enjoy including swimming, fishing, diving, tennis, and pickleball. In fact, Naples is known as the pickleball capitol of the world.  


Pickle Ball Capital Of The world

Naples is known as the Pickleball capital of the world and for good reason. There are plenty of courts (and good weather) to support a game.

Escape the cold

Many people who live in Northern states travel to Naples each winter to escape the cold and enjoy the beautiful beaches and friendly people.

Business & Conferences

Florida is a hub for business professionals as many conferences and events happen in the state. Our doors are always open to business travelers.

Quality Family TIme

Naples is a delightful place to raise a family. Friendly people, excellent schools, and fun times to be had by all - what's not to love?

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When you are here with us you are family. All visitors and all people are welcome. We love welcoming our seasonal visitors into our congregation. They're our family. We rejoice when they arrive and cry when they leave, until next time.