Endowment fund

Endowment Fund

help us bring our mission to life

Please consider making a gift to the Endowment Fund. The purpose of the fund is to enhance the mission and vision and the work of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples (UUCGN) apart from the general operation of the congregation. Planned giving is a form of stewardship for the future.

Planned gifts are usually assets that an individual has accumulated during his/her lifetime such as savings, investments, real estate, life insurance policies, and tangible personal property, rather than giving from annual income.

The UUCGN Endowment Fund was established to enable members and friends to perpetuate the great value and meaning of their congregation through planned giving.

What The Endowment Fund Makes Possible

Possible uses of income created by the Endowment Fund:

Support of special outreach programs

Social programs outside UU community

Youth Opportunities and trips

Acquisition of Important Equipment

let’s make a difference together!