pillar 4:


The fourth pillar of our Strategic Plan Defines the framework and internal organizational structure that will finance, organize and administer the other 3 pillars. This Pillar is the responsibility of the Board of Trustees either directly or through assignment to ad hoc committee

In 2025, we will have supported our Long-Range Vision by moving towards financial stability, solidifying our organizational integrity, supporting and bolstering our staff, fostering excellence and participation in leadership, and improving our internal and external communications.

We will know that we have improved our infrastructure when:

4.1. Stewardship.  We have continually fostered a culture of generosity in our giving such that the congregationis financially strong and that we contribute generously to organizations outside our walls that align with our values.

4.2. Organizational Integrity. We have clarified our bylaws, policies, and procedures so that they best support the long-range mission and vision of the congregation.  We have created fair and consistent practices in support of right relations among and between staff and congregation.

4.3. Professional and Leadership Development. We have created a culture of excellence in congregational participation and leadership that models our UU Values visibly and boldly in the community.

4.4. Communications. We have created clear communication structures and policies and implemented tools  and technologies to expand our ability reach our members and friends and to promote our good news to  the wider community.