Minister's Welcome


I’m so glad you have found our website and have begun your exploration of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Greater Naples! We are a Welcoming Congregation, which means we welcome and affirm people of all ages, abilities, races, ethnicities, gender identities, family structures, sexual orientation, and faith backgrounds. As you continue your search, I hope you will find a number of ways to connect with this wonderful community.


This is a place of discovery, a place to bring your questions, your doubts and your experience. No one here will tell you what you have to believe. Instead, you will find others who, like you, are on a quest for truth and meaning in their own lives. While our individual beliefs may differ, we find great value in traveling the path together. We are guided on this journey by seven ethical principles, and seek understanding and insight from many sources.

This is also a special place of caring, a community that nurtures each other through good times and the bad. We celebrate our joys, share our sorrows, and lovingly bear witness to life’s milestones. We honor our children, giving them strong roots in community, and wings to set them free in their own explorations of faith and understanding.


This is a congregation passionately engaged in living its beliefs through social action. We believe that our principles call us to give of ourselves to the wider world, working against oppression in all its guises and creating, as our mission statement says, “a larger community of peace, justice and love.”


I hope you will allow us to welcome you some Sunday very soon. Our services are created to provide a thoughtful message, some wonderful music, and moments for reflection, within an atmosphere of loving community. And should you have any questions about what you discover on this website or if you would just like a chance to sit and talk about the path you are walking, please do give me a call or send an email.


I look forward to meeting you!







Rev. Tony Fisher